Ive got to laugh.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Engelsman, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. So I click a link on the TA website and fill out a form asking for more information. Next thing I know I'm getting a letter saying I've expressed an interest in joining and my information has been passed to my local unit. Is this... normal? :?

    All I wanted was some extra info. :muhaha:

  2. You're fucked now. You'll be off to 'Stan next week.
  3. That’s how I found my unit
  4. Thats exactly what happend to us. The "go along for the weekend to see whats its all about" offer turned out to be an RSC weekend at which we were signed up and attested!!
  5. Best way to find out about the TA is to go along and have a look. There is only so much you can learn from websites and glossy mags. You don't have to join if you don't want to, but you'll learn so much more with one visit than many hours looking at photos/DVDs/web pages - unless thats your thing!
  6. Plus you will get to meet the guys (and in some cases girls) you will be training/working with. A lot of the recruits I'm training with pick the unit because of attatude and warm greating of those they met when they popped along to see what it was all about.

    Bravo2nothing is incorrect, you will not be sent to the 'Stan. You will be sent to Iran as a disposable, er, I mean a tippy toppy secret agent. Shhhhh, don't tell any one.
  7. Hey it means the recruitment team do their job and get you involved to see what really happens rather than those awful glossy mags showing lots of bullshizer.

    Trust what everyone says (including going to Iran) as its better to see with the naked eye than swag with a bendy ruler you left on the radiator all night and now looks like a packet of melted chewits!
  8. I did the Website thing when I joined, I got that same letter and then I got letters from 3 or 4 local units asking me to go down to find out more or go to an open day, honestly mate best thing you can do is go down I know its not easy if you're a shy type like but its the best way, you want to get cracking as soon as you can you're just wasting time on t'internet.

    best of luck
  9. Thanks for your help. Just wanted to make sure i hadn't signed up to get sent to Iraq =|
  10. You haven’t signed up to anything yet.
    If you do decide you want to join the TA, realistically it will be 1-2 years before you’re trained to an acceptable standard to deploy to Iraq/Afghanistan/the next sh1t hole to tip up.
    Even when you are fully trained you can leave at any time so long as you haven’t been warned for deployment.

    With all that in mind, don’t join unless you intend to serve at some point.
    The drinking club days are over.
  11. So I don't need £100 for this weekend? I can't remember doing that 1987-1999
  12. well i filled out application form on website about 3 weeks ago and recieved a letter saying that someone from local TAC will contact me.....still waiting lol

    Good job i went to another local TAC a couple of days after filling out application, got my selection weekend/medical in 1-3 weeks
  13. i thaught i was at the REME TAC to have a look... next thing i heard "congratulations kid, ur i the infantry now..."
  14. If you dont want to go infantry, then put them straight.

    where in the country are you?
  15. but dont take that as meaning every drill night and training weekend is totally serious and full of w*nkers shouting and screaming taking it all too seriously. At my unit we take every opportunity to head off down out on the piss for some serious 'team buildin'. And the bar at the TAC is well cheap too - so even if we dont go out, we can still have a good drink there.

    On the flip side tho, when it comes to it and we r out in the field we all work our b*llocks off to impress the PSI's (permanent staff), that way they cant give us a hard time when we do go out.

    And you've got no danger of just being signed up and shipped out, i know guys who have been in a couple of years and are still being turned away from mobilizing as the are said to be too inexperienced.

    Hope it all works out good anyway