Ive got me a good un here lads


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OldRedCap said:
Reminder of those Friday night dances in the gymn
at Woking

Jesus, is she still attending them?
And sunk a few ships.
She (?) looks like one of the nicer ones from the Country Bumpkin at Andover in approx. 1980.


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Biscuits_AB said:
Geordies Bar, Sennelager! 1982!
tingle tangles, sennelager last year! 100 euros a go
where did you get my picture, it was the beehive aldershot 1996 and i was looking particularly good that night i thought.


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Is that a bulge in the front of his trousers, or what?

As for her, she's a fcuking mess.........her bottom button's undone!
Well feck me unconscious !! I thought it was a piccie from "Shaun of the dead"!!


Bravo2nothing said:
She could use my c*** to pick her teeth.
I've heard she could use your c*** to pick whelks :headbang:

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