I've got Leaukemia.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by spike7451, Sep 4, 2013.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    So last week I was feeling a bit run down & went to se the quack on Friday.She reffered me to the Ulster Hospital who kept me in as my red blood cells were low.
    Cue 2 blood transfusions later & on Monday they took bone marrow & discovered Leaukemia cells in my bone marrow.So off back to the hossy today for another transfusion,platelets & tommorow they're fitting me for a pik line,then a move to the cancer unit in the city hossy for some Chemo (if they can get the bed that is!)
    So chaps,go & get yourself checked out if you're feeling off....
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  2. What size shoes are you?
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  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Left ones a nine & right one's eight n a half....
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  4. Can I have your avatar?
  5. About that tenner I loaned you.......
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  6. (Gasp) That's terrible.

    I hope you're better soon mate. A timely reminder for all to get on the bone marrow register.


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  7. They can do wonders now with bone marrow replacement, sadly that technology came a year too late for my little sister. Good luck with it spike!
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  8. Is your missus much of a looker?

    She'll need some comfort and support in the coming months whilst your treatment successfully rids you of this horrid malady.
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  9. Ten years ago a mate of mine had the same symptoms and sure enough it was Leaukemia. When he asked the doc how long he had the doc said "let's see, it's Tuesday today, if we don't crack on you'll be gone by Saturday"

    They did crack on and he's fit and well today - good luck mate.

    If it all goes pear shaped can I have your seat in Grace Neil's?
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  10. Good luck Spike.
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  11. speedy recovery and all that but my advice would be to use this to defraud people of money.
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  12. Mother in Law was diagnosed with it eight or nine years ago now. She's fit and well and living in the Granny annex. C'est la vie....
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  13. Hope someone's looking after you when you get home, and the animals while you're being poisoned.

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  14. Never heard of squaddie humour? Or are you from Mumsnet?:winkrazz:
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  15. Good luck mate.

    Need a wig?