Ive gone and done something bloody stupid

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by stabandswat, Feb 6, 2007.

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  1. I have just put my self in for the Great North Run in September. I have never ran that distance before but it seemed like a good idea. Any tips for building up endurance or race tactics? (other than pounding the pavements obviously)
  2. Methamphetamine.
  3. A sedan chair and four strong blokes to carry you?
  4. how far is the great north run?
  5. Depends where you live.

    it's about 200 miles from my house.
  6. Haha. It's 13.1miles
  7. I was even more stupid than that - I did a 20km road run a couple of years ago, and my training regime amounted to running out of the pub and out to the start line on the day (about, heh, 200 metres). I kid you not, that pie was a real problem 10k in.

    Fortunately they kept the finish line open for four hours, so when I prolapsed across it after about three hours there was still someone left to laugh.

    ... if I were to try again, I'd use ggradually increasing distance runs, and i'd have a good look at my diet a month or two before....

    good luck
  8. go to Runner's World website, good training programmes and loads of advice

    Runner's World

    good luck to you!
  9. Seconded but determination and guts will see you through even if you dont train!

    Thats how i got through P Company! Made me cry though lol
  10. 64 cans of red bull , and a mars bar!
  11. Typical day's diet that.
  12. You have nothing to worry about with regard completing a run of that distance when its that many months away.

    You should be able to complete a marathon in that amount of time!
  13. Training is going well Spoomo, however, I was not sure if there was any tips from people who had actually ran a half/full marathon that would enable me to get the best time possible. Such as any particular excercises to concentrate on to strenghten various muscles or things NOT to do etc. Who knows? I may be that fit when it comes round I can run it twice and lap Jimmy Saville.
  14. Well, I learned the easy way:

    I went out and ran. I ran until I could more or less run no more.

    Sometimes I went out and ran fast until I could no longer run.

    If I started feeling run-down, I eased back a little. As my fitness progressed I went a little harder.

    You are your own best gauge of how you are feeling, don't go insane and you will be alright. Aside from that:

    *Try not to run on hard surfaces too often.
    *Get some good footwear. Highstreet fashionable footwear is not good footwear.
    *Neat little warm up, good cool down, lots of stretching.
    *Good controlled diet taking on the calories you need. People always say to 'eat properly' when training - but you've got to eat better than properly when training to replace the excess calorie use. Too many people stick to the recommended 2500ish a day for healthy adult male - well banging out miles all week is going to see at least 500 up to and maybe more than a thousand more needed - dependent on the level and duration of your training.
    *Lots of wetness prior to running and rehydration during/after. Wet is good.