Ive found someone who is voting Labour next election.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Squiggers, Dec 12, 2009.

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  1. It gets better.

    Cyclops is her constituency MP, she believes hes a lovely bloke, and that Labour are great.

    God help us. Well, time to find a new missus, i think.. :roll:

    Is it just me that thinks that we really need to look at whose got the power to vote, and restrict it to none-mongs?
  2. Nah not just you, the idea goes back a fair way - Plato thought that.

    But I do wonder where these people so out of touch of reality have been hiding the past 12 years, and particularly the last 3 or so...

    Bumped into one in the pub a few weeks back, mother of a girl whose a friend of a friend who was down visiting. It wasn't long before she was professing support for Labour and saying how Maggie had wrecked everything. I'm no massive Tory or really into partisan politics but I had to point out that even if both Parties are as bad as one another in terms of sleaze or governance, at least the Tories seem to be able to rule without the economy going down the shitter every time...

    Is it a case of Old Labour supporters seeing themselves as some sort of party stalwarts by supporting Brown with their heads in the sand, or are they just all cnuts?
  3. Given that I'm a mere sprog (and live in a northern, ex mining town) the majority of opinions i've heard are all from mardy old miners telling me that they'll never vote Tory....but that's exactly how most of my peers feel about about Labour now, all I've really been aware of is the Blair/Brown years, so I'm voting for callmeDave, in the hope BoJo will suffocate him with a hoody and take the top job....

    Were things better, worse or same under Maggie and Curriebasher? :?
  4. On the other hand,if you are getting your nuts tickled,then what's the problem?
  5. To be honest, as i'm currently studying Politics (Oo, get me...), from the sounds of it a lot of what the current problems are in regards to our economy stems from the Thatcherite years. Then again, that could easily be wrong.

    I'd be voting Cleggy, but thats as i'm a steel city lad. Theres a lot of differences between Thatcher, and Cameron - if you just looked at his ideology, you'd have guessed he was a Lib Dem.

    Final straw came the other day when the lot in Whitehall decided to ringfence education, NHS, and police over transport, military spending, and something else. Take a guess where the biggest cut will come from, in all likelyness. Both the tories and the lib dems said that they wouldn't have done that, and only have secured the NHS, but I digress.

    Theres too much crap that this governments pulled, nevermind the rampant corruption thats flourished since Blair left. It might sound daft, but him and Cameron are rather similar, not least in stances on policies, but charisma.


    Its the feeling that i'm bumping uglies with something that is tainted by Labours foul stench. Its not a nice feeling. I have to resist the urge to do an almighty cockslap.
  6. I think it is an intrinsic part of a ruling party's life span that as they come to the end of their useful life corruption will set in. Whether it's because individuals think that they've been in power that long that they've become invincible, or in power that long that they've built up the contacts and infrastructure to get away with it or that they see the writing on the wall and want to feather their nests before being cast out of the public domain, possibly for eternity, I don't know but it seems that all the long regimes end in corruption.
  8. Liberal Democract, i'd guess then?
  9. I thought that this was a thread about Ashie.
  10. Its all a bit like 1997 in reverse aint it.You couldn't find a Tory then.
  11. Neu Labour , Tories, Lib-Dems they're all as corrupt and self serving as each other. They stand with different mandates but at the end of the day they are all turds bobbing about in the sewer called politics.
  12. Well that makes 2 of us :wink:
  13. Both New Labour and Blue Labour stand for the same things, so what's the problem?
  14. the peeps who will vote liebore in the next election will be the imigrants and anyone on the dole or reliable on lots of benafits. the trouble with us all as humans as we crave money, and what money can get us, this is greed and has been the way those who are shisters, liers, and genrally only care for themselves..fill there void in there litle minds.. these are called MP,s..and we as trusting fools believe everything they say and vote them in.. we are in a situation of medievel times where the rulers of our country treat us as the underclass. serfs, they are the sherriff of nottingham we are outlaws and we must be taxed to keep them in the manner they demand.. unfortunatly we have no robin hood on the horizon to help us..this has already been said before imagine all the money that went to the banks went to the 3 services, imagine securing our borders with soldiers instead of immigrants employed cheaply to do it.. or the billions, not millions that went to the NHS went on nurses and doctors not managers. well this is not just a rant its an M&s rant lol stay tunned for the next installment.....
  15. Quote
    "To be honest, as i'm currently studying Politics (Oo, get me...), from the sounds of it a lot of what the current problems are in regards to our economy stems from the Thatcherite years. Then again, that could easily be wrong."

    After 12 years,people are still blaming Maggie?