Ive been looking at joining up...

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Squiggers, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. I've been looking at joining up, ideally as an h'officer, probably next year after i've finished off me a-levels fully , and could really do with some sort of insight into the kind of stuff that the Int corps do - primarily as I don't want to end up doing something that isn't exactly what I want to be doing for several years - the Army Jobs site gives some info, but not a great deal.

    Any info would be much appreciated chaps! Then again, could always tell me that i'm a knobber, and the info is clearly available, which it probably is. :roll:
  2. I take it you posted this in the full knowledge that CR would be in bed and hoping to get away with a wah!!!
  3. Consider it done...
  4. Maybe there is some kind of cloaking device on the stickies part of the Int Corps pages that makes sure knobbers can't see it! Its just a thought, but it would explain why every couple of weeks we have a new thread that starts up asking about what to expect if you join the Int Corps. :roll:
  5. Woops, didn't spot those threads - my mistake! :oops:

    Could probably close this, considering those say everything. Last time I ask stupid questions at ungodly hours. :roll:
  6. That means you have learnt one lesson already, it is usuall high ranking h'officers (as you call them) who ask us those stupid questions at those ungodly hours. Be a man and get to answer them instead.

  7. Does the nurse know that you are out of bed so early?
  8. I'm alright thanks, i'd rather get paid a bit more and get to ask those kind of questions. :wink:
  9. And obviously has no idea of the entry-level pay of a DE!
  10. Long term wise, i meant. I'm aware of the entry-level pay levels. ;)
  11. it's okay. the recruiting selection people monitor the site. anybody who posts a question like this, they track the IP address, cross reference with the electoral register and put the name on a blacklist of future applicants. anybody who can't spot the recruiting stickies is deemed unsuitable for the corps and advised to go join the monkeys instead.

    locked :roll:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.