Ive been given an inhaler but am not asthmatic

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i was given an inhaler because i was going to Switzerland to walk up the alpes, however i am not asthmatic, and never have been. the inhaler was only a blue emergency one and not a prescribes brown one which your meant to take every morning. i went to join the army as a CMT and was told i am not allowed to join for 4 years because i have been given an inhaler even though there is nothing wrong with my breathing and never has been. Is that right or can i still apply?
The blue inhaler is a bronchodilator, used to help get more air into your lungs. If you have never been diagnosed with asthma then this should be no problem. Whilst at altitude the air is less dense so by upping the amount of air your lungs can take, you would help reduce the symptoms caused by Hypoxia. If I were you I would apply, there is no clinical reason behind the prescription of this inhaler, if it comes down to it have the prescribing GP write a supporting statement.
Yeah ok cool, cos the fella that i was starting to do the application with in my local careers office said there would be 99% chance of getting chosen because of it, and said it would be best to wait for 4 years from when i was given the inhaler, so will it be best to get a supporting letter from my GP then go back and apply?
I would have thought so, its not upto the bloke at the careers office, its upto the doctors that reveiw your medical information. If you dont try then you won't know, better to try now get refused and then told to wait four years than to wait four years then be told it was fine in the first place.
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