Ive been called Omnisexual. Praise or insult ?

Omni or pansexuals are basically so gay they are almost back to being straight, but it's far better than being a metrosexual, they like having French tube trains rammed up their arses!
You were told it by someone who thinks they're being clever. What they really mean is you're a screaming bender who has no chance of having sexual relations with any women ... ever.
Sexual preferences that are geared toward no specific group or fetish but towards pretty much anything. Often practiced by someone who's sexual tensions are high and who's standards are low. Best described by a particular button which reads I'd have sex with anything that moves right now, but why limit myself
Seems to sum up most of ARRSE membership, me included.
You heard it incorrectly. You were called an onanist. Feel as appropriate.
Where you called it by that cunt of the 1980's "Second Class Return to Dottingham" Tunes advert? If so, he might have called you a Homosexual.
Was the person involved pulling his semi-flaccid,seed dripping pleasure plunger out of your ravaged bottom while saying this?

If so then I'm still none the wiser if it was meant as a compliment or not,but I do hope he spat on the back of your neck while he did so.

You worthless wretch.

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