I've been banned...........

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by armourer, Jun 17, 2004.

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  1. I've been banned on a rather left wing web site forum and now I can't get to look at the site, I have removed all the site cookies and I'm sure they can't block my IP addy as I have a floating IP address....so what is on my computer that stops me from viewing their site ?
  2. Put up the address of the site please as I want to goad these t0ssers :twisted:
  3. Please give us the site address!!!

    We all need to play. . . . . .
  4. I'd say you still have something in your Cookies folder. Did you remove the cookies via Internet Properties, or by going in via Windows Explorer? The first one doesn't delete ALL cookies, the second show's what's in there, and a manual delete can be performed via this. Failing that, delete everything in the Temp Internet Files via Explorer. Failing all this, set fire to PC.
  5. gunny! how can you be so wise on these matters :lol:
  6. Your IP address might not change unless you disconnect from the internet and reconnect - so if you're on broadband, you're likely to keep the same IP address for long periods. Even then it is possible that when you reconnect you get the same number as before.

    (Some providers deliberately change your IP address often to make it hard for your computer to act as a 'server', but some don't)
  7. I don't want to start a board war and as I've really p*ssed them off I don't want them to be able to link my ID here with the ID I had there.

    Some of the little tosspots could possibly start hacking.
  8. I have my Windows 3.1 operating system manual to hand, of course.
  9. try (at the cmd prompt)

    ipconfig /all

    note down your ip address

    ipconfig /release

    ipconfig /renew

    then run

    ipconfig /all

    and see if ur ip address is changing
  10. Dui-Lai I have sent a PM.

    OK, I'm on Broadband (BT)

    I have wiped the temp internet folder/cache, manually removed any cookies that I think refer to the site, run the wipe tool from the prog ghostsurf, wiped the history, turned off waited and turned on again still blocked from the forums....anyone got some matches and a hammer ? :wink:

  11. The IP "box" opens and closes faster than a speeding whippet :(
  12. Ok, good point :cry: Getting back in my box now :cry:
  13. May we come round and get in your box, too?
  14. Thats cos you typed it in the "Run" box, first type "cmd" in the run box, then in that nice new dos window follow the previous instructions, if that doesnt give you a new IP address (some dhcp servers only renew every 21 days or so) then try downloads.com for an ipblocker.
  15. Thankyou kind sir.

    First number group stays the same.

    <looks for IP addy blocker thingy>