I've become arrogant, admits Blair

Tony Blair admitted yesterday that he became arrogant in his first seven years as Prime Minister as he began a personal campaign to regain the trust of voters in time for the general election.

His admission - dismissed by the Conservatives as fake - came as John Prescott appeared to let slip that the election would be held on May 5, undermining efforts by other ministers to keep the timing secret until April.

Tony Blair and John Prescott
Tony Blair: has developed an 'I know best' attitude

The Prime Minister told delegates at Labour's spring conference in Gateshead that he had too often "talked at" voters rather than with them and that he had allowed himself to develop an "I know best" attitude.

Striking a deliberately humble tone, he said he had learned over the past year, by going out and discussing issues with the people, how "tough" life was for most of them. He realised that his success as a politician depended on a blend of "listening and learning".

Pursuing the new self-critical approach, he said: "I understand why some people feel angry - not just over Iraq but many of the difficult decisions we have made," he told delegates. "And, as ever, a lot of it is about me."

Liam Fox, the Tory co-chairman, said it was too late for Mr Blair to mend fences with the people.

"Tony Blair has lost touch with Britain and forgotten the priorities of the millions of people who have already given him two chances. Now he says 'I've changed and I'm back' and expects them to give him another chance but people will be very sceptical about his ability to deliver."

Mr Blair likened his relationship with the British people to a marriage in which the husband and wife think regularly of leaving each other. "If you decide you want Mr Howard, that is your choice. If you want to go off with Mr Kennedy, that is your choice too.

"It all ends in the same place: a Tory Government, not a Labour Government. Going back not moving forward."

Mr Blair recognised that he had too often attempted to be "all things to all people" in his early years in office and acknowledged that many Labour supporters believed he had spent too much time on foreign policy and the Iraq war.

During a rallying cry to the party faithful, Mr Prescott dropped the firmest hint yet that the election would be on May 5.

Joking with delegates, he said: "May 5 is the focus of the election date - for the county council elections of course." Then, to thunderous applause, he added: "But if anything else comes along on that date we are ready for it, are we not? Let's get out and campaign to win on that day. Make it a beautiful day."

Labour aides insisted that Mr Prescott had given away nothing. But it was the first time a minister had mentioned May 5 - widely assumed to be the date - in public.
Thanks for telling us tone. We would never have guessed without you :D
Is this an on-going daily serialisation?

Plenty of legs in it.
Tomorrow, "I've become two-faced"
Wednesday, "I've become untrustworth"
Thursday, "I've become a liar"
Etc, etc.
He is admitting what 100% of the population know already, why does he not just say, I want the EU presidents job, so fcuk you lot :evil:
ducati916 said:
He is admitting what 100% of the population know already, why does he not just say, I want the EU presidents job, so fcuk you lot :evil:
I'm sure he was taught at Fettes not to be so crude; besides, he's a lawyer, so you can't expect anything but doublespeak and lies anyway.

You can picture the scene at the Reichskanzlerei:

Minister fuer Propaganda Campbell: 'So, Tony, what I think you should do is admit that you're an arrogant tw_t, that you talk down to people, don't listen and have an 'I know best' attitude. It may be difficult at first, but people soon forget and before you know it you can just carry on just like before.'
Reichskanzler Bliar: 'But I'm worried that it'll cast me in a bad light, and I won't be welcomed back with open arms'
Campbell: 'Well, it worked for me, Mein Fuehrer....'
The man from Fettes, he said (inter alia)

So after the euphoria, came the steady hard slog of decision-making and delivery. And the events that tested me. And the media mood turning, and friends sometimes being lost as the big decisions mounted, and the thousand little things that irritate and grate, and then all of a sudden there you are, the British people, thinking: you're not listening and I think: you're not hearing me. And before you know it you raise your voice. I raise mine. Some of you throw a bit of crockery.
I believe "I've become arrogant" (not spoken) was followed by "you're not hearing me".

So, it's all our fault then. Cnut!.

Personally, I'm pleased that more and more of us are hearing you - and for what you are. Just remember May 5th - the Russian's are usually the first to know what the Labour party is about to do to this country!.


Kit Reviewer
You didn't think it would ever be his fault did you ? 8O
whiffler said:
Just remember May 5th - the Russian's are usually the first to know what the Labour party is about to do to this country!.
well no change there then!
Well I hope that arrogant b*stard Blair passes through a town near me on his election campaign....because, and I sh*t you not....this arrogant b*stard of an ex squaddie is going to stick the head on him. Got it sussed dress smart, smile and stick hand out for sp*nk bubble Blair to shake and then wham bam thankyou ma'am no more big grin for Blair just a big f*ck off headache....do you think the rozzers will duff me up when they catch me....

edited to add: I am of course full of bullsh*t and I would never really hurt nice Mr Blair :wink:
I am awaiting the announcement of a Judicial Inquiry, whose purpose will be to determine that Bliar's arrogance is not his fault, or any of his ministers'.

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