Ive applied to join the army

I've recently applied to join the British army, I've filled out my application and have an appointment to speak to a careers advisor. I've just signed the forms to allow them to obtain my medical records. I'm 33 reasonably fit. 6'5, so my BMI is slightly higher. I'm looking for advice as to how to prepare myself for the training and assessments. What should I be focusing on and have you any valuable advice to offer me as I embark on this next chapter of hopefully joining the Army. I'm undecided on which role within the army I will go for. So all advice and insights are welcome.


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I may be out of date, but I think at 33 you've missed out already.
I may be out of date, but I think at 33 you've missed out already.
Gone up to 36 now.
But go the recruiting thread rather than military kit and boots one. You may get some better answers on there
Do a search on the lone soldier PT programme, you won't go far wrong with following that for the physical side. You can still be fitter than most applicants at 33 but remember you'll be up against people a decade or more younger than you both in physical and maturity terms. Keep the pressure on your careers adviser once you've sent your medical forms off as that can be the longest part of the process. Good luck!
What role/trade are you looking at?

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