Ive accidently stopped smoking is this normal?

Since moving to Edinburgh I discovered that I have developed "Tobacco Dementia". This is a rare form of dementia in which the part of your brain that controls your smoking habit starts to miss fire and you forget to smoke at key times - Waiting for a bus, while drinking a pint of beer, after a meal etc. I'm not sure when my mind started to go but it was the same time as I moved in with my None Smoking Girlfriend. I've been wandering around with a deck of 20 in my pocket for the last Month but have forgotten to use them.
The only time I tend to smoke now is when I'm uber pished and I get my cousin to roll a smoke for me at the end of the night.

I normally smoke 5 - 10 a day and have lost count on how many times I have tried to quit. I normally last 3 days before I light up.

Is this normal or is my GF playing Paul McKenner "Stop smoking tapes" when I'm a sleep?

Has anyone else forgotten to smoke?
sounds like a blessing in disguise, i wish i could forget to smoke
Could be an age thing. They do say that this happens to heroin addicts who last the course.

Same sort of thing happened to me ten years ago, I just couldn't be arsed to go and buy a packet and I haven't been bothered since. Still imagine I fancy a smoke from time to time but never have. I think that as about the only place you can have a fag nowerdays is the passenger seat of your own car may have done a lot to break the habit.
Age! I'm only 28!

But I think you are right about the ban being a big factor. Though I have put on a bit of weight which needs to be moved!

The other thing I have noticed is that hand rolled smokes will take away your craving but the prepackaged ones tend to make you want to smoke more.
Similar happened to me about 7 years ago. I ran out of fags on Hogmanay, the shops were all shut next day and I was too hungover to be bothered until Jan 3rd. When I lit up, I found the taste for it had left me so I didn't ever bother again.

Yeah, and the weight feckin piled on.
Never heard of "Tobacco Dementia" but I wish it would happen to me! Tried everything to quit including that Zyban stuff but no good.
Mr_Deputy said:
give up - even the Morlboro Man died of cancer. Apparently. Allegedly.
It seems to be true. Link below:


Much like smartascarrots, I sort of accidentally quit after about 15 years...I realized my pack was empty on a Monday morning and ended up not having time to stop to buy another one all day. When I got to bedtime with an empty pack, I decided to see how long I could go without re-filling. That was a few years ago.

I've only relapsed a couple of times, and sincerely felt terrible about it later. The shame counterbalanced the nicotine joy. Also, I seem to have developed an asthmatic reaction.

This clearly does NOT work for everyone. But it does reinforce my belief that people will quit when they truly want to, and not a day before. Some people may never be truly ready to quit. Then that's the way it is, and there's no point in b!tching at them -- in fact, it will be counterproductive.
me and my girlfriend both stopped smoking 6 months ago.....we paid £40 each for an hour at the hospital which included a talk and acupuncture(10 days with minute spring/needle in each ear). It wasn't that easy for the first week mind...but the support of each other and knowing what each of us went through really helped.....i should imagine it's a lot worse by yourself. Different things work for different people. :wink:
I accidently quit smoking about 18 months ago after reading a dreadfully written book by a guy named, Allen Carr called Easy Way to Stop Smoking. However, I just bought a new motorcycle with the money I haven't spent on smokes. (I'm hoping there isn't a book out there called Easy way to Stop Biking, I'd hate to have accidently give up my bike.)

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