IVCPs Northern Ireland. Your experiences.

I thought I'd start a thread on anyone's tales of IVCP's in N.Ireland. Mines copied from the Bessbrook mill thread.

1989, me and another oppo had to drive an officer down to Bessbrook from Moscow Camp so he could catch a hele taxi down to the border. Pale blue ford escort, tooled up with 9 mil each and a couple of SMG's in a hold all. Delivers the officer without any dramas. Stopped for a bit of lunch in the mill and about an hour or so later we head off back to Belfast.

driving along the back roads we come over the crest of a small hill and at the bottom of the hill is a huge combine harvester type machine parked bang in the middle of the road. 2 blokes standing in front of it and 1 on the top of it dressed in dark blue coveralls. "IVCP" thinks I. Driver slows to a crawl I decide to discretely remove my browning and cock it and stick it under my thigh. Drivers gibbering along the lines of "it's cool, it's cool, it's cool". To be honest we were both sh!tting it. Just as we get to within 50m of it it starts moving back into the field. "This is it" thinks I, I'm looking into the fields either side for cut off's but couldn't see anything. Harvester moves into the field and on the other side is a clear road. Driver boots it and for the rest of the journey the 2 of us are giggling like a couple of school kids. I was 18, he was 19. So you could say we were just a couple of kids.

Granted not an actual IVCP but at the time I would have bet my kids lives it was one.

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