Ivan sends is sending it's ships to Syria

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CaptainKaos, Nov 29, 2011.

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  1. How interesting. Yawns.
  2. That would be their carrier Kuznetsov that usually ends up getting towed back to port when it breaks down?
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  3. One more than us then?
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  4. A carrier that needs to be escorted by a large ocean going tug when ever it (very) occasionally leaves harbour may impress the readership of Warship Walt, but not anyone else.
  5. At least it's a full size carrier, rather than the comedy class we have been trotting around in.
  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

  7. I always think it is a bad thing to try and mock Russia. One must remember that the US was defeated by a people who had very limited weaponry in Vietnam and it continues to lose in Iraq and Afghanistan against another people with limited weaponry. Yes, Russia may have a military which has ageing equipment, but it has a lot more of that equipment then we do and it is still very much in use. Add to that the fact that it has many more soldiers who don't whinge when they dont get their Paradigm welcome call home or miss their shitty soap on BFBS.
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  8. Oh please!!!

    The Russian navy is a complete ******* joke! Even we could sink the entire thing single handed in a morning!

    The Russian Air Farce? That would be the Russians who couldn't even deal effectively with the Georgians and shot down more of their own side than the bad guys did and who's planes are in such piss poor state, their constantly falling out of the sky on the rare occasions they actually can afford the fuel to let a pilot fly one of their antiques?

    And their joke of a conscript army? Snort! How many M1 Abrams or Challengers have been knocked out while they have knocked out Russian made tanks in the thousands? Did the Russians even manage to scrape together enough Roubles to pay their soldiers this year?
  9. Were not the Vietnamese a joke with their AK47's against the US with all its military might? Were not the "skinnies" a joke in Somalia with their AK47's against the military might of the US? Are not the Taliban/Al Qaeda a joke with their IED's against the military of the US and NATO?

    Yet these jokes of a people have dealt the US a blow several times, showing that military might is not all you need to win a war.

    You also forget that it was the Russians that defeated the Germans in WW2. They started off with an army that was in a very poor state. As for the stories you tell of planes constantly falling out of the sky etc....links please.
  10. The American's war in Viet Nam was a very complex matter. One thing is certain though. The North Viets did not receive the full weight of Americas military power.

  11. We'd go through the much over vaunted by you Russian Armed forces with just as much ease, as in like shit through a Goose, as we went through Sadaam' huge, Russian trained and equipped army in 1991.
    Sending the odd clapped out bomber on a PR stunt once every few years or sending a clapped out carrier out of the harbour for a couple of days once a year does not a capability make or demonstrate. And as for their Army? Did you miss the clowns fiasco in Georgia in 2008?
  12. Indeed we may go through the Russians with ease. Do you remember we did just that in Iraq and Afghanistan......yet 10 years later, the wars still continue and in Afghanistan, casualties are increasing.

    I did see what happened in Georgia....but I did not see everything...as you didn't etc. I did see they had the advantage and they used it. In Somalia, I saw the US leggit after 19 of their men died after an infamous incident (battle...what ever you want to call it) that a film was made of.

  13. Your much over vaunted Russians lost over 330 helicopters and 120 fixed wing aircraft over Afghanistan in 10 years along with 30,000 troops KIA…*remind us again how many we've lost?
  14. Indeed, that was thanks to US aid. One would like to remind you that we are still in Afghanistan after being there longer then the Russians with little chance of achieving anything and with an actual deadline to lose the war.