iv read alot about..

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by johnboy1990, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. I have read alot on different topics on here that you spend alot of your time being bored during basic...
    Any genius idea's that i could take to basic, from some of the older but in this case maybe not wiser members of arrse....
    or anyone else who has cured bordom with stupid stuff in basic..

    I can see me getting a few laugh's from this thread.
  2. Bored???!! Mate you will not be bored during phase 1. If you find yourself with nothing to do you'll just want to sleep!

    Or is this a big fat hairy WAH?
  3. i just about had time to wipe my ass in basic....No other free time, dont know about everyone else!!!
  4. owell, just read stuff on some of the other threads.....

    obviously wrong then
  5. Pack of cards mate. You do get a small amount of downtime
  6. If bored there are only three things a soldier should be doing:

    Prepare kit - Clean Weapon/check equipment/bull boots/washing&ironing etc.
  7. Yep, you may do some boring things occasionally but you still wont have time to be bored, if you know what I mean?
  8. i did get a bit of free time, usually about 1-6am in which your time is your own. Could always pass the time with a decent bit of porn, just dont leave it in your locker with your wnak sock for the locker inspection!
  9. You won't be bored. You'll be too busy do the NAAFI run for the big boys.
  10. a wind up or battery powered radio will help to pass those hours of ironing and bulling! although i have heard stories of people who werent allowed radios and stories of Sandhurst where you can only listen to radio 4 for the first 8 weeks...
  11. A bit off topic, but Old_Gregg, my mate has drunk baileys from his shoe.
    Twice. ;)
  12. im old grieg, i know think you said!!! i dressed as old grieg one night for a party, you know white glove, tutu....i was arrested for being drunk and disorderly...
    that was a night i will never forget
  13. Good lad!

    Back on topic, take your ipod with you, I found listening to music makes boot bulling a lot less painful!
  14. As does sniffing the polish.

    A book :!: I find that sometimes just a few minutes or a couple of pages is relaxing and more to the point allows your mind to disconnect from green things even if it is just for a moment.

    As a bonus if it has got some 'explicit' pages :hump: then you will be popular and in return for lending it out you can claim a couple of shandies when the occasion arises.