ITW Intakes 2011

I've heard a rumour and I stress a rumour, from a man who is mates with a man who heard something someplace that our, RTC(S) Phase 1 intakes i.e. weekend 1 are going to be cut back to 4 a year instead of every six weeks. I have seen the fact that this wonderful Bleniem (spelling) has capped our intakes at 30 but this is new to me, any other RTC-ITWs heard anything similar?
Sounds like your Blenheim input could be incorrect; unless your budget is due to be cut in PR11 the cost of running the weekends (instructor wise) should be at steady-state every year. Whomever does your Blenheim input can increase the intake capacity but should make sure when planning your intakes in Blenheim CT that they are not allocating SuT costs to your UIN, obviously these should be borne by the units when they allocate their SuTs to the Blenheim activities within your events.

Alternatively they may be thinking of capping your MTDs as instructors, thereby having to reduce the number if intakes.

This is all just speculation though, I've heard nothing but the idle rumours surrounding project AVANTI.
The capping of the intakes was asked for by us, we're strapped for instructors (officially 3 short of establishment), so 30 SuT on w/e 1 works well, or would do if all units put their bids onto Blenheim and not TAFMIS, we're currently working with 38. Despite covering Scotland we deal with far fewer SuT than other RTCs.

As to having our MTDs capped, although ITW fared better than the other wings, we have, we're at4.5 days a month with a little leeway to allow for courses etc.

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