ITV2 NOW - Tourettes Camp

The classic is back on, itv2 now

at the airport... BOMB BOMB

I LOVE this program, go watch now
twin towers.... TWIN TOWERS

Especially love the chav brat putting it on

But the classic about Jen is yet to come :D (pun intended)
"Don't get why it's always me they pick on"

Fat Ugly Gwar with Tourettes surrounded by 150 kids with Tourettes wonders....
Would love to do nasty things to the chav one - she must be legal by now - Just to hear to the filth that comes out of her mouth when going for it :p :D :D :twisted:
I'm 6000miles away and caught the show when I back in the UK 6 months ago. I'm PMSL just thinking about it.


And let us not forget the "Wobbling Weegie"!!!

Comedy Gold.

I'm going to have to watch my DVD of "John's Not Mad" tonight.
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