ITV Women on the front line

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Poppy, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. on now ITV
  2. RAF bint copper. Talking to locals with dark glasses on. Surely it should be glasses off so you see the emotion/compassion/honesty in the eyes??
  3. Had the same thought ...

    ... however, a very well-balanced programme that avoided the usual collections of bull-sh1t. Nice to see a bit of sensible reporting for a change.
  4. I thought the female Sgt Loadmaster had very nice lips.
  5. Thirded for the glasses, especially as the local that she was talking to wasn't wearing any (but the local Translator was!)

    Typical Crabs! :twisted:
  6. The search of the Afghan guy coming into Bastion, she had gloves on. Dunno, but from my NI days and RESA training that would be a no-no. Have the RAF plod invented the touch sensitve glove and not told us?
  7. Is that what you call it? A nice programme perhaps, but one which again shows that the drive to get women into the front line (proper) is being run by the media.

    That Loadmaster was stunning by the way.
  8. Apart from the spots, of course [ooops, we're not in the NAAFI].

    Not that I noticed the lips ....
  9. Didnt see it all, but was there any mention of the Lasse's on the MERT's or as Medics out on patrol with the lads?
  10. Given that the WRAC ceased to exist 15 years ago and women have been on ops with their units since then, surely this isn't news. It is apparent that the clearly defined front line no longer exists and therefore the women are exposed to as much risk as the blokes. (With the arguable exception of line infantry)

    As long as the media keep making programmes where we get to see all the brave little girls working with the big rough boys, there will never be true equality. They can't have it both ways.
    Either they are professional soldiers doing a professional soldiers job or they are pink fluffy girlies who are different to everyone they work with.
  11. Fair point, but certain elements of the media won't be happy until 'they' can get women into the Inf and therefore a plentiful supply of nice female KIA headlines. Whether women are up to it or not.
  12. I'll bet your gusset was soaking.
  13. Horizontal or vertical?
  14. Don't disagree at all Rufus.
    The media are parasites.
  15. Now, now. Naughty naughty. :D