ITV Westcountry, Bliar on now with panel of defence bods


Bit of a whitewash, interviewer was a bit of a brown nose and Billy squirmed his way out of a lot of the questions.


a polititian wriggling his way out of answers and not giving a yes/no answer to anything? now theres a change! :D
If ever a man (can he called that?) looked as if he was gonna die on his sword, TB on the issue of post service treatment for injuries sustained whilst serving. He didn't wriggle out of that one


bout time someone pinned the basket down to a straight answer. preferable with 10 inch nails!


War Hero
TB: Er, thank you for your er, thread on the issue of the how should we call it 'housing' and 'care' for the er men and women that are having a nice, or er, resolving the somewhat complicated situations that are in development in some of the, in a kind of way, more active, er, zones of the, er, political and socio-economic parts of the globe.

I: Yes, it's a c0ck up isn't it?

TB: I understand (long pause) that there is a need for the party, and er (wry smile, look like I was shagging last night) to come together in the light of the, er developments (didn't I say that already?) and the continuation of previous, um, policies.

I: You mean you c0cked it up don't you?

TB: That's not quite what, erm, really, we need to move on from (look meaningful) the past and look towards a better, ah, prospects for the, um, people on the, er, ground, sort of.

I: So you have c0cked up and now you are bullsh1tting!

TB: I don't think we need to, ahm revisit something, that, let's be honest (haha) has really been, sort of, already covered, both in, erm, the cabinet offices and Mandelsons, how to put it, er, bed.

We have a sort of long way, to erm, cycle, on the, well, road map to, um oblivion, not to mention the um . . .

I: What the feck are you talking about?

TB: Well, I'm trying to (BIIIG pregnant pause) elucidate (F-me where did I get that from?) the points you have raised in a manner, that aaa, is easier to reconcile with both the incumbents and non-partisan, er, stakeholders in the erm shorter term (did I get the keyword count score up enough?). This way, we can, hopefully, erm, see that once this moment has, erm passed, that in the light of, well, further reflection, it was, kind of, the right, choice to make, yes (smug smile).

I: Mr TB, in actual fact, when you say this, what you are actually sayng is . .

TB: Yes, absolutely!

I: That you are, as usual prevaricating through the use of liberal amounts of drivel.

TB: Well, actually, yes er no, er could you ask the question again?

I: And that for the last 5 minutes of this thread, you've actually said bugger all that is intelligible, let alone intelligent have you?

TB: Um, I am here, to a . . . my point is, was er . . .

I: Yes, that's enough of that, Security? SECURITY! Get this %^$£" ^$£$%%$ off my set $%^$%^ NOW!


hee hee how i wish that was how the interview went - and the next bit where TB gets carted off by two burly security guards to help show him the error of his ways :twisted:
Rant mode on

Thought about watching it but the urge to scream Liar loudly while throwing TV out of window is too much, and seeing as im at my parents gaff i dont think they wish to get new television or reglaze.......beside giblets seems to have captured the squirmyness of 'T'wat features just as well.

bet he doesnt get himself down to devonport or up to chivnor anytime soon either im and sure there are a few in Wyvern Bk,s too who have a few word for 'Yo Blair' :x :x :x :x :x

Rant mode off

edited for crap spelling again... thats what ranting does for ya

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