ITV Player ermm no, not if your in Germany

Help, was going to watch Andy McNab with us Fine Engineers using the ITV player.

Erm nope, no can do because i have a Germn IP.

How can i use such features such as ITV player etc but fool said website in to thinking i have a UK IP addy.
Didn't work over here in UK when I tried to watch an episode I have episodes 2 - 6 and am uploading them onto youtube. Think I may have missed the last few mins of 6 though. Will try and upload that one tomorrow. Episode 4 uploading now
ITV catch up has never worked for me. Sometimes it just doesn't play anything, other times, it plays an advertisement repeatedly. My advice is to give ITV catchup a miss for now and try youtube.

If you really really want to chance using ITV catchup, one way to do it is to use a VPN Tunnel. Do a search on google. Essentially, these services act as a go between so websites do not know where/who you really are. It should cost about 25 quid a month.
I have been looking for a uk proxy that runs flash so i can watch bbc iplayer. As i pay my licence i think it is pretty poor that i Can't watch it when overseas.
If anyone finds a working proxy let me know
You have 2 options:

- VPN tunnel
- Tor

VPN tunnel costs a fair bit, Tor is free but slow. It should be fine once you start streaming though. I've got it to work with iplayer but 4OD is hit and miss. I think channel 4 occasionally blacklists the IP address of Tor nodes.

For Tor instructions, go to:

Be sure to read the comments to get updated UK nodes.

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