ITV Phone in Money £8 Million and British Legion

Just seen on another site a blinding suggestion. It seems that the £8 Million cheated out of those gullible enough to vote for an ant and dec show may not have an easy time getting their dough. You have to 'prove' you are worthy, which means ITVs cigar chomping boss will still be quids in, even after his 'heads will roll' stance. Someone has suggested that the money be donated to the Royal British Legion. I for one am penning a missive in grades direction suggesting just that. Perhaps some of you fellow ARRSERs with more influence can bring bigger guns to bear.
Sounds a damn fine argument to me. The people who rang in had written off their money. So, they could do someting useful and dignified with it if they agreed that the RBL should profit.
I have just arrived home and sent request for same to ITVplc and asking the duty officer to let me know when their chairman, Michael Grade has been informed so that I can contact friends in the Media. Lets try and get a bit more interest in this.

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