ITV News:Iraq- was it all worth it?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by justblonde, Apr 26, 2009.

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  1. Over 6 years ago it started and ITV are advertising their coverage next week on 'Was it all worth it?' Will be advising some of my 'young' friends (we are talking 20-23years old) to possibly watch at least some of it, as some of them have no clue about why it even started!

    Suprising for me to know that they have such little knowledge, but not suprising in our day and age for younger people not to take much interest (I know there is a vast amount who do and have) in this.

    I found myself explaining how the government worked in a very basic way to a 20 female friend who didn't even know how to vote the other day.

    Any opinions on whether this coverage will be dramatically biased? Or will it be worth a sitting down with cup of tea at my house with some of them to help educate at least one area that this government have decided is a worthwhile cause now they understand how the government work 8O ?

  2. When's it on?
  3. Churchill, "The American's are in the Gulf we are saved". A very old story!
  4. No, too many lifes lost, too many bent cnunts made their fortunes out of the situation, and our primeminitser really did get away with murder :!: