ITV - Endgame Afghanistan: Tonight

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Your_Mums_Pal, Feb 17, 2011.

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  1. This is currently on at the moment folks, on ITV. Just started at half 7.

    It's examining whether or not we are prepared to leave Afghanistan and trying to analyse whether or not we've acheived the objectives we set out to tackle.

    How they'll do that in half an hour I don't know...
  2. Bastion is the frontline according the RAF Chaplin.
  3. Doesn't seem to be up to much.

    Hanging around the main headsheds, helping out injured Afghans at local aid stations...

    What they're trying to assess here, though, is whether we're ready to GTFO and had it over to the ANA.
  4. Not sure if they needed to be showing that Afghan bloke's face if he's being intimitaded by the Taleban, remember watching that USMC one last year where the kid got beheaded just for talking to them. Who knows though
  5. What planet is the RAF sky pilot on?
  6. Whats the betting they don't even mention MACE / CIMIC projects!!!

  7. They look pretty ****ing comfy, this lot.
  8. Seems a good Rep on the work getting done...Ive just left the Advisor Grp with the "Micks" of the Irish Guards......the ANA have came loads with the last couple of tours......I Agree shit loads still to do but much better than it was..

    That Camera Crew were a right bunch of bell ends.....Right drama queens bumped into them in Shawqats....wanted everyone to run after them with
  9. @Swamp

    Do you reckon they'll be fit for a handover in 4 years time?
  10. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    What a crock of shit that programme was.
  11. Agreed..............
  12. Not sure mate, there has been great moves to hand over parts of Nadi Ali South in the last couple of months but this time of year is not the time that will tell.....when spring comes in we will see the results, mind you they have their own FST guys attached to the advisors in the shape on USMC.. And some of the fire support will come from direct the ANA in the next few months and the start of H14 should see alot of the plans on the move just now end, its mostly Patnering, and Advisor tasks now, with the ground holding Battle Groups/Companies buying in (in most cases, some better than others) just need to wait and see.
  13. What a pointless program, was that just a jolly for the reporter so he could walt it up in the newsroom upon his return.
  14. Oh and the best Call sign i saw for working with the ANA was 3 PARA...they were all over it....