Guys not sure where to post this. Can anyone help me out? I came home on Monday night, fired up the computer and my iTunes library has disappeared. I tried to system restore but it just says that it cannot do this, I also tried to find my music files but to no avail. Is there any guru out there who can advise or should I just resign myself to losing my tunes?

Many thanks
do a general search for you music files, to see where they are on the drive , then reload into i-tunes, this happend to moi, that's how i solve mine. god luck
yeah tried that but to no avail. Any other suggestions?
Ok, when it happened to me, I did the same as admag.

Open up


Then do a search for pictures music and video, selecting only music. This way it will find every music track on your PC, regardless of name. Then you can drag and drop them into iTunes at your leisure in batches, don't do it all at once or your PC will freeze.

That should work, theres no reason why not.

Download yourself a copy of Easy Recovery Pro from your fav torrent site (Torrent spy, torrent, isohunt) and install.

This piece of kit will trawl through your hard drive (including hidden partitions etc) and recover most files which may have been wiped/deleted by the user/lost. You can recover a wealth of files which you think you have deleted but they still linger on the drive even after a full format. Similar to what computer forensic teams use to recover data from hard drives snatched from crims.

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