iTunes ver 9 - Suggestions welcome!!


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I have dutifully installed Ver 9 from 8.2.1 of iTune on my Windows Vista 64-Bit home PC.

Wish I hadn't. It seems from the Apple support discussion forums that the world is having issues: Apple whinge site

Now if I click the iTunes icon it says thatthere is a Fatal Error in installation.

I have removed and reinstalled, tried repair. No good.

Therefore the question is:

1. How do I revert and go back to ver 8.2.1?


2. How do I get this blasted app to work on ver 9?

Over to the power of ARRSE.
Try using Xilisoft ipod ripper instead of iTunes. Been using it for years and it'll work with any ipod you want to plug in.
nicked off support groups so no idea if it works...tis all Croatian to me!!

1. In Add/Remove Programs I deleted all Apple products (iTunes, QuickTime, Safari, Bonjour, etc.)
2. I then check C:\Program Files\ and made sure all folders were deleted (QuickTime, etc.)
3. I then ran a Registry Cleaner program to make sure all entries from Apple products were removed.
4. I then rebooted my PC
5. I then downloaded iTunes8.0.2 from here:
6. After it installed it said it could use my iTunes library file because it was created with a newer version. So I re-created my library by following these steps:
I hope you have already backed up your I-Tunes library (what's on your I-Pod already) to disc.If not,once you have deleted all Apple,I-Tunes,etc as per previous post,connect your Pod to PC and it should recognise it as a mass storage device and allow you to tranfer your music/video/photo files to PC or CD.Then do a search for previous version of I-Tunes,most of them are readily available from sources that give you downloads like AVG.Once you have re-loaded your I-Tunes,even if the Apple software deletes your current library,you can reload it from your stored files or CD's.I might be an elderly braindead,but trust me,this worked fine for me :D

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