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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by antphilip, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. I found a marvellous program this evening called Fixtunes that looks at all my music in itunes and fixes the tags etc so they're all properly named and the album photos come up.

    However it is limited to 50 songs. Bugger.

    Does anyone know of any alternative programs that does the same?
  2. if you have roxio easy CD creator it uses gracenotes, also you can do it within itunes - check the help files!
  3. Can't you interrogate the CDNAME database through iTunes to grab the names?
  4. IT mong here... can you clarify chaps?
  5. I use a program called Tag and rename, It will query online databses for you as well as Amazon to obtain loads of album info, also allows for bulk updates of file ino, file names etc. However it is shareware (torrents cough coucgh) and needs registration to do more than a certain number of files. However I thoroughly recommend it and have used it to tag every album I own

    Sorry, edited to add link
  6. Thank you but not a clue how to use it possibly, every song I try it says it can't find the info on any of the databases whereas the fixtunes sorted them all :(.
  7. Ahh, perhaps I should have pointed out that it applies to full albums only (though you can use its editor to edit tags on multiple files) It does its search based on the track order and lenths of the songs to come up with possible matches, so you must have the correct tracks selected and in the correct order (which is not a problem if you rip your own albums or download full albums, but I can see it would be an issue with individual tracks)