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iTunes Library

A few months ago a virus wiped all of the songs out of my iTunes library. Fortunately nothing happened to them on my ipod so the question is, does anyone know how I can copy them back from my ipod (nano) to my itunes library?

The iPod should appear as a hard drive. Have you tried just copying them back to your iTunes folder as files?

You might want to disable iTunes from automatically launching and syncing the iPod first though as I don't know if that would wipe your iPod.
...actually my original suggestion doesn't appear to work but if you click on the iPod icon in iTunes (once plugged in) there is a check box that lets you 'Manage Music Manually'. That appears to give you control over what's on the iPod.

There is software available that can restore the data you lost because of the virus. Don't know the name of the programme right now, but a google on 'data recovery'should suffice.

Otherwise the best advice I can give you is to buy an Apple computer. They CANNOT get virusses unless you install them yourself. (Which is why you should never click on anything that pops up...

Good luck,

The only problem about importing simple files off the ipod's hard-drive is that you loose all of your playlists, ratings, etc..

A programme like "Copypod" works wonders for backing up your music with no changes to your previous settings. And if you wanted to act illegally, it would allow you to copy someone else's tunes from their ipod - not that that is recommended of course :wink: !!!!
Not strictly true that you have to install the virus - you can have problems with some macro viruses. But, having said that there are pretty much NO Mac viruses out there, despite the fact that the Mac has some vulnerabilities.

Oh, and Vista has something similar at last in that you can't install anything without giving it permission. As a Mac owner, I can't believe I just gave Windows a plug!

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