iTunes back Up Problem

Can anyone tell me why my iTunes folder does not include 3 artists whose downloads I can see when I open my iTunes library?

Attempting to back up my library, I selected the main folder on my hard drive & copied it to a new folder. On opening the new folder, the artists folders were absent.
They can be seen & played from iTunes library or playlists.

Any ideas on how I can get them to appear in the folders & thus get an accurate back up?

have you checked their file paths for the missing files? Might not be in in your itunes folder.

I think you right click on the song to find the patch. Properties on a window or get info on a mac.


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but surely everything Mac 'just works'??

doesnt it? :(
look in c:\documents and settings\user name\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Compilations

If the track came from a compilation this is where it will be stored under the compilation name and track name rather than the artist.
For some reason, the 3 artist's folders had been put in "itunes 1" with the artwork etc, not in "itunes music" with the music folders. These are sub folders of "music", which holds my itunes stuff.

I've copied & pasted them into "itunes music" & they appear to have copied OK. I'm now taking a back up & then we'll see if all's well. Or not...
iTunes is a fcuking nightmare, hides sh!t all over the shop, and won't let you sync more than 1 Ipod to a single PC without severe ballache.

The 64 bit version doesn't work properly, and that !Apple Software Update" load of wnak has screwed up more PC's than I can remember.

That said, I've made probably £1500 or so fixing PCs running iTunes. :D

Buy a decent MP3/4 player with a simple user interface and say bye to this nonsense.
Is it possible to sync 2 I-Pods to one PC? Both myself and my son have one and I've had to sync mine to my work PC which is a nightmare.
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