iTunes and Windows 7

I have a Sony Vaio laptop and have downloaded iTunes successfully. However the laptop does not recognise my Gen2 ipod.

When looking in the control panel device manager it listed it as an unknown device and error code 43. I checked this on tinternet and followed the advice of uninstalling the driver and restarting the laptop.

Unfortunately the ipod has not been recognised at all and no longer shows up in the device manager.

Help please.
When you connect it are you connected to the internet? WIN 7 looks for the drivers if it needs it.

Also to fix whatever happened, you can rollback to a system restore point before you installed iTunes and the iPod. then re-install itunes and connect the ipod, while connected to the internet, that should flush it out.

If you connect the ipod when the internet connection is off or slow, sometimes it doesnt recognise the ipod, I had this little saga with my iPhone which gave me some tantrums.
further thought, check if the USB drivers are the latest ones, before the ipod install, and check to see if any other USB drives works, liek a flash stick or USB IDE drive. The issue may be linked to the USB hub drivers under WIN 7 rather than the itunes/ipod combination.

Still do the system restore though first, as that will reset the problem and ensure that any fixes are not written over the top of the existign problem, making it harder to unravel.
Rolled back the system. No joy. I've checked the USB ports and they are fine and have no problem recognising my portable HDD. When I connect the ipod nothing happens. No device is listed in the device manager either.
Some scanning of the net led me to this website:

However this link has numerous comments saying it worked fine:

Looking more closely its the same program in both links.

So, re-install iTunes, plug in the ipod see if it links, if not then run the program at the second link (only because there are a number of links saying it worked for them). If its down to a registry error, whcih seems to be the case, then ccleaner is another safe and useful registry fixing tool, which I have installed. Although in this case it doesnt directly say it can be fix the code 43 error.
dingerr, let me know if this works, the blerk is having the same issue
Sometimes the qick fix for something like this is to uninstall the drivers and reboot the machine. It rules out minor errors which haven't been detected by your system.

Not had to do this in Win7 yet. Mainly a reliable quick fix in XP.
Did you have your ipod registered to another machine's Itunes before putting it on your laptop?

If you haven't updated Itunes on the other machine and downloaded the newest onto your laptop then Itunes won't be able to connect to the iPod because it is on older firmware. (This is the case with mine, I don't think Apple have fixed* that problem).
Not sure if it's the same problem, but it sounds very similar to one I had with my bird's iPhone when she first got it last month. The latest version of iTunes (since the iPad) have been released without full testing and are buggy with Win7 (and some other OSs) for one very simple reason: Dogshit naming conventions.

Basically, there's a core DLL file in iTunes that happens to have exactly the same name as a Windows system DLL. This causes a conflict and interferes with the device recognition. You need to go into your Windows system folder and rename the original DLL as filename.dll.old (don't delete it) and then you'll be fine. Unfortunately I can't remember specifically which file it is.
bigbird67 said:
dingerr, let me know if this works, the blerk is having the same issue
It's not worked. Bugger!

Thanks for the suggestions anyway.
When all else failed,I downloaded an earlier version of ITunes,let the PC recognise the pod,and then connected to ITunes to get the latest version.Being computer illiterate,it was probably totally the wrong thing to do,but it worked.Think it was version 6.8 from those nice people who give you free AVG :? :slow:
I would be more inclined to try some of the fixes from youtube if the buggers were not so illiterate.
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