iTunes, and restoring moved purchases

Have sent an email to Apple, as i couldn't find it in the help files, but one of you might be able to pre-empt it.

I had around 15gb of music on this laptop, i recently zipped the whole lot up into segregated files and stored them on another PC for safekeeping. If i move them all back onto here and restore the file structure, would iTunes recognize the original purchases and licenses?
Im very concerned that i might have just screwed a lot of money up by moving them away without sorting settings in iTunes first!

What would i need to do the sort the problem out? I've set the laptop to be an authorized user on my Apple account, but it doesn't recognize old purchases and i assume that i can't re-download any of them...

Not in a good mood!

The simple answer is yes.

You can authorise multiple computers on your Itunes account.

If you have moved the files back to the orginial computer then Itunes will recognise the licence.
Right, problem #2. I recently compressed all of My Music into a segregated archive (.zip format) using WinAce. I stored this on an external hard drive and chucked it onto my mate's pc for safe keeping.

Last night i moved it back onto the external disk, and this morning i moved it back onto the laptop here. However, WinAce reckons "The File Header Is Corrupted" and wont start the decompression.

This is concerning. What chances do i have of convincing Apple that this is the same laptop that made the purchases and would they let me re-download them? Or is there a way of repairing corrupt .zip archives? It's a lot of music, and i've spent a lot of money and time getting it all together....

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