Its your funeral... any last requests?

Call me a morbid sod... but through my life I've always wanted to choose the music for my own funeral myself. I once even put it in my will. The Scientist by Cold Play still ranks high...

But... last night after a few too many bevies and in a flash of inspiration... I slurred to my Danish wife: "I shust wan ther last post... wiv or wivout Reveille". She hates stuff like that so, dissinterested and not knowing what it was, she just tutted and told me to write it down. And now I'm worried that maybe the Wombles or some lame Danish group also had a song called Last Post.

So here it is in writing: The Last Post, single bugle, no Reveille... in case anyone ever asks.

However... that still leaves a huge gap in the entertainment part of my finest hour. Has anyone got any other great music/songs designed to tug at the strings of my last audience? (Or yours?) Right Said Fred perhaps??


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Going Home - Runrig...there will be floods
Forever Autumn -Jeff Waynes war of the Worlds.
My Way - Jonnie rotten.
Yesterday - The Beatles.
Finish with the chicken song spitting image just for the crack
Another One Bites the Dust
Warren Zevon - I'll Sleep When I'm Dead.


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Suppose by that stage its too late to request an overdraft for a final night on the P***!

As for music, a lone piper on the hill while it rains on the congregation followed by Bare Naked Ladies (The band) and liberal amounts of Guinness (liquid bread) in the pub afterwards


Heaven can wait - Iron Maiden
Who Wants to live forever - Queen
Going Home by Runrig is an ace choice - as would be Loch Lomond
DontMentionTheWar said:
Who Wants to live forever - Queen

More suited to a sword weilding homicidal maniac in a kilt... "we're in the Highlands my love... I'm wearing the sheepskin boots that you made me." (Yes, Christopher Lambert - not Freddie). Good one, but everyone would be thinking about the film... Back to I'm Too Sexy (for this box) I'm affraid.


Music - "High on a hill".
Bugle call - "no more parades today".


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I have also asked for music at the day I am burned.....

I wish to have the following happen (Its all documented!)

At the start of the sevice I want Adagio For Strings played (Original version).

At the end of the service when all the people are leaving I want Adagio For Strings (Dj Tiesto Version) Played.

Then I want my ashes spread over North Dartmoor, around the ranges.


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