Its What Your Right Hands For...

I visited the site and prefer the Cheetah and Eagle. The Eagle can get it up the erse and you can face phuck the Cheetah, but other than sticking the Zebra's ear up my arse, I'm at a loss what to do with it.
My erm....mate yeah mate, once glue'd some hair to his hand to have a jodral! but he used prit-stick and ended burning his wee man due to the hair getting caught up under his bell end!

It really hurt.........him, not me.
worm said:
would that count as bestiality if you pulled yourself off with that hand?

mmmm zebra porn :wink:
Don't be so silly. It's only bestiality if there's genital to genital contact* and that would just be oral..

*err... apparently..
Don't think I fancy giving the 'gator a go. Not with that one eye looking at me!

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