Its Un-British to...

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by Grumpole, Jun 29, 2008.

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  1. In order to really get to the bottom of what it is to be British, I thought we should start at examing what being un-british is.

    Ant takers?

    My starters are:

    It's un-British to:

    Talk on the Tube
    Brag how great it is to be British (even though it is)
    not slag off the French
    Kick a man/woman when they are down
    Buy half pints
    Not stand your round

    etc etc

    See if you can do any better! the more cynical, the better!
  2. Fart loudly and with gusto.
  3. Complain about anything,
    Wear speedos
    To take your socks off when shagging
  4. Reserve your sun lounger.

    Leave a tip.

    Leave the bar while it's still serving.

    Not stand in an orderly queue.

    Drink coffee at breakfast.
  5. Own a corner shop ?
  6. Engage in conversation at breakfast.

    Push to the front.

    Be teetotal.

    Wear a Hijab.
  8. To not drink tea.

    To not feel smug when the Germans are losing. At anything.

    To be good at tennis.

    To fasten the bottom button on a waistcoat.
  9. Well its funny you should mention that after tonights spectacular performance by spain
  10. Allow a despot African dictator to get away with what he wants without our express permission.
  11. Win any sporting event?
  12. I think you'll find the title is UN-British....
  13. How very true :D
  14. Laugh at Morris Dancers..........yeah right.
  15. To not say "thank you" at least seven times in the simplest of social interactions - such as buying one's copy of the morning newspaper