It's true! You really never hear the one that gets you...

Idiot gets killed while breaking the law.

Oh dear how sad never mind.
What was he writing when he was killed?
ohh Fuuuuucccc....OhFuuuucc………………
They should lacquer over the stains he left.... His last contribution to "art".


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Sounds to me that the driver tried sneaking up on the three of them but only caught one. He might find it more difficult now the papers have given the heads-up.

Besides, proper graffiti artists report to reception before comencing work....
They ought to get some of these stealth ninja trains in Holland, I've never seen so much graffiti on trains and pretty much everything else as I have there.
He may have been the subject of a smear campaign.


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electric train on a new track should be fairly quiet. you only year them withing a couple of hundred meters and 85kph is still fast enough for you to not think quickly enough if you are concentrating on writing doris loves cock without spelling mistakes

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