Its true, Rugby players are left wing subversives....

I was just helping Mrs 303 shop for somewhere to live while she's working in DC, and I found this advert:

$400 Collective House Seeking Vegan Housemate

Smallish bedroom with one window in finished basement of a large collective house (w. internet, W/D, etc). $400 plus utilities. Housemates include a cat and sometimes an 8 year-old & 5 people ages 21-31 (mostly on the older end), queers, vegetarians and vegans, radical activists, rugby player, parent, gardeners and bicycle-riders. Seeking someone who shares some of our interests and wants to live in a cooperative household based on non-hierarchical decision making and compassionate communication.

So, are Rugby players closet gayers?

Another guywanting a room mate said:

I'm a 30ish portfolio manager. I don't have any pets or children. I like playing sports, video games, working out, running, and going out to talk to friendly women on weekends.
Well, don't we all! :D

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