Its too loud - I know - TURN IT DOWN

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Oneshot, Feb 3, 2006.

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  1. Apple is being sued for the potential defness caused by IPods.
    Yet another example of the inability of people to look after themselves. If its going to hurt you - Don't do it!
    Look after number one, don't expect everyone else to

    Edited for lack of spelling ability due to rage!
  2. Thats is because the EU have rules about the allowable sound levels from any/all bits of equipment on public sale.
  3. Its a crying shame people are incapable of using common sense these days.
  4. Absolute lunacy! How stupid are some people? It is tw@ts like this that have caused some of the most rediculous labels on products:

    On a packet of salted peanuts - "Warning - may contain nuts"
    On a steam iron "Warning - This iron may become hot when switched on, and remain so after being switched off"
    On a kitchen knife "Warning - this product may have a sharp blade"

    Can the law of common sense not be applied!
  5. It doesn't help matters that these things are reported by the media. A letter from Apple saying "stop being a dick" would of sufficed. The fact that the media pick up on these foolish things merely incites other idiots to have a go.
  6. Have you seen the instructions that come with candles now?

    Along the lines of

    "Flame may cause damage if you put up your nose/ under your genitals/ under your pillow when lit."

    "Molten wax may cause damage if you put above your nose/ above your genitals/ above your pillow when lit."

    "Common Sense available, to order call 0906 ......"
  7. Unfortunately, if Apple had sent a letter of the sort you advocate floppyjocky, the wuss who's taking them to court would have filed another claim for damages for hurt feelings...

    Sainsbury's can of tuna: 'Warning: May Contain fish' That's a ****ing relief, then. I was concerned it might have nuts in it.

    Oh, and a shirt I bought a couple of weeks back. 'Do not iron while wearing'.
  8. All this would be very sad if it wasn't so desperate. However, we should also take into account where the quote came from!


    P.S. Archimedes. Is that really true with the shirt?
  9. But I bet everyone has soon those twats who walk around with the volume on max with the sound loud enough for everyone to hear their personal music preferences.
  10. Bugsy, I regret to say that it is true. Not the first time I've seen it on garments either.
  11. And I regret to say that I know a woman who did try to iron the shirt she was wearing. :roll:
  12. As did the twot at depot who tried to iron creases into his lightweights whilst wearing them. :?
  13. Ah, c'mon, currymunter! This has GOT to be a wind-up! But I'll bite, fool that I am.
    What's the punch-line?

  14. I am not supprised one bit.

    After all, people have tried to sue McDonnalds for making them fat....personally, I would ask for just one hour with these "mcdonnalds made me fat" fatties. I'd get them into shape!
  15. What a load of old boll@ks.........

    If I had a crash on a bike doing treble figures would I sue the maker of the bike for building one that went so fast, NO I BLOODY WOULDN'T.

    It would be my fault for going so fast on it. This 'Nanny-State' thing is beginning to do my box in, people are getting greedier and stupider by the second and soon the gene pool will only be full of fat useless wasters who only want whats coming to em but wont get of their rear ends to get it themselves.

    These folk should be lined up and shot for the good and benifit of the race, before its too late.................