Its too dangerous to be economical foreteller in Latvia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Dec 8, 2008.

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    I propose Latvian authorities to arrest a representative of IMF. It is an intersting 'know how" to fight with the crisis - jail those who make 'wrong' predictions.

    BBC-Russian gives additional info.

    According to Latvian Laws those who spread rumours about devaluation of national currency and unstability of financial system could be jailed for 6 years with confiscation of property.
  2. Oddly enough this is a harsher version of what our own govt. asked the FSA to do to people 'spreading rumours' when people were shorting banks that later turned out to have pretty much exactly the problems with their balance sheets that the 'evil spiv rumour spreaders' claimed that they did.

    It's like these people believe that you can alter financial reality merely by describing it differently or lying about it.
  3. Oh! So Latvia is just like Great Britain - disagree with the government, especially with the 'Unelected Leader and 'bingo' the State Security Police (aka The 'Met') are breaking your door down.

    Who is supposed to have won the 'Cold War'? Will someone please remind me?

    Off Thread: I have just heard 'Stalin' Brown 'spouting' from some irrelevant meeting of European Soviet Union clowns: not including Frau Merkel; she was NOT invited. I wish I had recorded the spouting - it was meaningless nonsense - Edward Lear would have been proud.

    Beneath the cliche ridden grunting spoken by our unelected 'leader', clearly one could hear:

    please support my idea to save the world, and to put into so much debt that not even my worst enemies could believe it was my fault -

    Wrong 'Stalin', I know it is your fault! so do millions and millions around the world.
  4. Ignoring the rambling of the local o2 thief, very nasty and hopefully will see Latvia halled through the EU courts. While I have a tiny amout of sympathy - you shouldn't shout "Bomb" on a plane even if your opinion the meal you've been served looks like a block of C4, it show's the danger of hangover 'national-interest/national pride' laws.