Its time to start the War Crimes Trails

This is an outrage - we need War Crimes Trials for these bandits:


Indefensible: MoD penpushers pocket £300m as British soldiers die in Afghanistan for lack of equipment

Ministry of Defence bureaucrats have pocketed nearly £300million in bonuses while soldiers have been dying from lack of equipment.

The civil servants have seen 'good performance' payments - including rewards for saving money - double.

The pen-pushers also won extra cash for hitting targets for promoting diversity and improving health and safety.

In one shocking example, two mandarins collected bonuses of £17,000 each - more than a year's basic pay for a squaddie in Helmand.

But on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, soldiers have accused the Government of putting lives at risk by scrimping on military essentials including helicopters, radios and night goggles.

MPs, soldiers' families and campaign groups condemned the 'scandalous' waste of money.

They said it could have been used to refit six Chinook troop carrying helicopters, desperately needed in Afghanistan, which have been confined to their hangers since 2001 after a massive MoD contract blunder.

It could also have paid for some 1,800 new Army recruits.

The MoD admits that £287million has been paid in bonuses since Britain went to war in Iraq.

Last year, its bureaucrats pocketed £52.9million and in the first six months of 2009/10 they collected another £47.2million.

Senior officials shared £1.5million, averaging £8,000 each. Junior staff took home an extra £775.

Shaun Rusling, vice-chairman of the National Gulf Veterans and Families Association, said last night: 'This is disgusting. The sums beggar belief.

'Surely the Government can see it would be better to spend this money on kit for our troops rather than lining the pockets of bureaucrats.'

No apologies if any ARRSEer is one of those described above.
Brilliant idea. How about one at Nuremburg, with one of those audio devices to guide you around? "To your left is the seat in which the frolicsome Herman Goering chortled his way through the tribunal. And here we see the cell in which Goering cheated the hangman. Even in death, his face carried a playful smirk."
The outrage bus is booked until September 2013 so I am unable to contribute to any more discussions since I'm so outraged I'm speechless

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