Its time to curb gun trade, says man who invented the AK47

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. I believe he's voiced similar concerns in the not so recent past :

  2. So as a first step our American friends could stop usage of Kalashnikovs.
  3. They could indeed Sergey, but it would be something of a drop in the ocean.

    Surely a case of 'pot kettle black' when one looks at the statistics for Soviet/Russian supplied AK's..?
  4. Wasn't the AK series just a rip-off of a German assault rifle (Name escapes me) that was developed too late to be of much use?
    If I was 'Wolfman Jackboots' head designer at Mauser or Luger or whatever, I'd be a bit peed off.
    Imagine the royalties!
  5. This is the weapon they ripped off. Sturmgewehr 44
  6. they look the same and the AK was designed on the MP44/StG44 concept, but both have different internal method of mechanical operation.
    dozens of nations in the last 50 years have made or are still manufacturing AK direct copys or similar clones, china has been the worlds leading producer of the AK,
    its Mr Kalashnikov who has missed out on royalties on the millions of weapons made to his design.
  7. I would think it fair to say that Mr Kalashnikov, who I think normally designs tractors, is not really to blame for the prolific spread of the AK47.

    He designed a weapon to protect his country, acountry that had only recenly been ravaged by invasion and war on an unprecidented level of horror. The design was initially kept top secret, with all the brass being picked up from the ranges it was fired on. Then it was shipped out or sold to every tin pot country who was willing to side with the USSR.

    Isn't there something like 1 for every 5 people on the planet or something now?

    And he received zip. Didn't he start the Kalahshnikov vodka brand recently.

    :twisted: its brilliant. rough and nasty, just how vodka should be, shove it in the freezer overnight and drink through gritted teeth. :twisted:
    pity they dont ship it in an old tractor lubricant bottle, with a layer of sand in the bottom from the filtering and an inch of oil floating on top, for that 'ol authenticity.

    and just what you need at the 'party' to dispence.

    ‘Za Droozhe-boo !’
  9. Some what late
  10. The AK is actually owes much of its internal design to the M1 Garand.
  11. correct, the twisting locking bolt and trigger mech :wink:

    ......................spotter head off.
  12. The Garand of course being the finest battle implement ever created.
    Acording to Gen. Patton.

    The AK series has it's good points, but try doing your APWT with one and you'll see why the East & the West have nor yet "met"
  13. Sounds like he's stretching it a bit. Perhaps they have pics of soldiers w/AK's as trophies but I knew only one officer who used one because all he had was a 9mm Baretta pistol. I've heard that a few units have used some confiscated Dragunov's to arm newly created sniper teams but that's about it. I'd keep my M4 any day, I tend to like hitting the target I aim at.
  14. Lee Enfield N0.4 was better. M1 has some annoying features like that ping sound when a clip is finished. The AK of course was designed under different circumstances it was design for massive numbers of conscripts and therefore accuracy was not key just power and how many round you could put down. We however still belief in the principle of markmanship as to conserve ammunition hence one of the reason the EM-2 was scrapped for the SLR and off course the calibre issue as well.
  15. I for one think that anyone siding for tighter gun control should be welcomed. If we got Mr. Blobby on board, we could really make an impact... ;)