It's time to bring our troops home.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chingachgook, Jul 22, 2011.

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  1. Just wanted to share this article with the rest of ARRSE.

    Well written, solid arguments made and it's obvious this guy knows his stuff. Well worth the read.

    It's time to bring our troops home -

    Best piece of journalism i've seen in ages. Good job sir!
  2. Bringing the troops home doesn't require any arguments from me. I'm not fussed about the whys and wherefores, and what will happen after they leave. Just get them out of there.
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  3. AAGF


    <expletive deleted> well said! Not much to gain and way too many lives lost for no good reason.
  4. An un-winnable conflict for with no possible conclusion. It makes no sense for us to stay.
  5. pack your bags and **** off to Pakistan..get me a kebab on the way or Mullah Omars head.

    Its obvious Afghanistan is one confusing puzzle...something similar to a fussy upper class bitch, who cant make her mind up what dress she wants to wear, No point wasting time there, fighting a bunch of dickwards, save your time, let the Afghan people civilise themselves through another decade of inner circle bloodshed, invade Pakistan, take its nukes away, divide it, Bring back the old British Raj, reinstate Anjem Choundary as chief Chai Wala! Import a few bull whips and a couple of gulags, sell us some Keyanis to practice shooting on...Problem solved.
  6. quote "pongo6863 An un-winnable conflict for with no possible conclusion. It makes no sense for us to stay."

    What they both said!
  7. I followed the link to the mirror but could only find what must be an abridged version; hardly well-reasoned journalism, more like sound-bite populism. How many issues can you fail to adequately address in one piece? FFS! Come back Glenda Slagg, all is forgiven. Who is this guy anyway, Mike Harding's alter ego?
  8. That will be just the excuse India will be looking for to mallet the f**k out of Pakistan.
  9. Problem is...America wont allow India to do that since India and Russia are very close.

    However I can do it for you for a couple of quid...where do you want me to start? shall I stir something between Sunnis and Shias and blame it on the Christians?
  10. You won't need to do anything. It won't be many years and the US influence over India will rapidly diminish as it's economic power grows. It also has like China a rapidly growing highly educated section of society. They also have a big modernisation and expansion of their armed forces, also working with China on these projects, (probably with one eye on them).

    They are also comfortable with putting religious ideology aside for a Business deal. Now back to a few years time, India is not going to let a couple or warring tribal Islamic states threatening what its built up. If infighting within Afghanistan/Pakistan gets anywhere near their border I can't see them being passive to it, and will want a big buffer zone from the trouble. China will also want some stability in Afghanistan while it extracts what resources it has.

    If I was an Afghan, I'd be more worried about your big neighbours, than tribal bitch fighting.
  11. I can't see Britain or any 'Western" outsider sorting out what are Internal Politics in Ganistan.
    The troops will fight and do as they always have, their duty.
    Death and being Mangled and tangled in Body and mind are part of the job.
    Wonder how much Blair made out of committing Troops ?
    No great respect for Cammeroon, but maybe he can get the troops outs with some sense of Pride and Honour for their efforts.

  12. The whole country is on tribal lines with Kabul's influence extending about as far as the city limits. The average local (much like his peasant opposite in Vietnam 40 years earlier) is mainly concerned with trying to provide for his family and get by. If that means growing poppies they'll do it. As soon as we leave it will go back to normal (!) whatever that is for the various tribal regions. They have been squabbling over stuff for years and will continue. Democracy means as much to them as Lord of the Rings, it is not in their vocab. The educated elite will still screw the underdogs for anything they can and send it to overseas banks as their neighbours in Pakistan do. It is the way of the world - certainly where they are. All we will have achieved is a mass of wounded and disabled, dead, a new gong, on the ground experience which will probably be forgotten before the next bun fight and honour for those who served. Something else to add to the rolls of the British Army before we become smaller than the Boy Scouts.
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  13. The only solution to Afghanistan is to turn it into glass, lots of phosphorescent glass…
  14. Nobody actually detect the hint of sarcasm in my first post?

    Don't get me wrong though, i'm all for another 'AK is a ****' thread. The other ones are getting a bit busy.
  15. Quite right intel,
    Daft idea in the first place, just made Georgie Boys friends and Political supporters Rich.
    NATO was blackmailed into support, some countries more willing then others.
    Yes Afghanistan will change in it's own way and in it's own time, it's not as though we are Islamists, Crusading to convert or exterminate.
    Sooner the troops are out the better.