Its time he must go!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CharlieBubbles, May 1, 2009.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    as we've all been talking about on several threads since last friday? ;)
  2. Over 43K now. Personaly I haven't signed it. I don't want him to resign, I want him to face an election.
  3. I want him to face a f*****g firing squad.
  4. How many times do we need to be told about this petition?

    It will have zero effect. Just like 99% of all other e-petitions. Do you really think he give two hoots what we think? No, not until the election is looming.
  5. how many times must it be pointed out this shower of self serving, corrupt, pocket lining, devious, dishonourable lying scum DO NOT CARE WHAT WE THINK.

    they are in it for themselves only. they have never understood the reason for their being where they are, to serve us and not their own outdated and out of touch political party.

    they dont listen to public opinion so "petitions" are a waste of time
  6. I don't dissagree with what you say. It is incredibly amusing to me though that a site trying to show that he is listening has been made dysfunctional by that petition.

    What can he do with that site now? If he tries to pick a popular petition to act upon he will have to ignore the most signed one. That would show it as the scam it would be. Same thing if they remove it.

    That petition (IMO) makes it damned obvious that he doesn't care what we the people want.

    EDIT to add: Over 44K now. 1K more than when I got up.
  7. Quite right, it will have no effect on Gordon Brown, however if you are a Labour backbencher with a small majority you may in the small hours lie awake thinking about shackling your future to Mr Browns.
  8. SNAP !

    I want a general election too.

    Labour would only replace him with another fukkwit.

  9. Hark ye the words of Saint Polly of The Labour Trumpet: Dead Man Walking

    "In free fall without a parachute, unassisted suicide, accelerating the wrong way down a motorway – the death metaphors are flowing in a dark torrent of despair from Labour MPs. What made Gordon Brown hurl himself on that row of Gurkha kukri knives? Drowning at 19% behind in the latest polls, few think the party will come up for air a third time. That YouTube ­grinning death's head is now a worldwide comic hit, while in the flesh the man looks more battered and hunted with each passing day. He suffers from tone ­deafness to everything."

    "Maybe Brown only regrets the loss of Damian McBride, his toxic confidant – not a one-off, but one of a thuggish tribe. How far has Labour lost touch with reality when leading figures try to shoehorn a party apparatchik's 22-year-old daughter into a safe seat? Rottenness easily feels terminal."

    "Brown won't go without assassination, Johnson is no killer (which is what makes him so nice), and many fear the bloody process would cost Labour its last shreds of credibility. Dire June may yet change that calculation: 100 extra Labour MPs fearing for their seats can concentrate minds wonderfully."
  10. Okay, the next question . . DO Zarnu have anyone who would, or could be a World Class politician?? I don't see one, do you??
  11. Let's have a general election so another bunch of fuckwits get into power.
  12. Zarnu are soiled goods now, no matter what they do or say, they get a kicking . . lets face it, if one of the others get power, they couldn't do any worse!!
  13. Don't EVER say that! 8O 8O :twisted:
  14. Oh yes they could. There is only one thing we can all be certain of: Every government will be worse than the last.

    I forget who said it, : 'The problem with a parliamentary democracy is that eventually we get governed by people inferior to ourselves'

    The current lobby fodder, of whatever colour are political careerists. Many of the newer crop have little or no experience of life beyond university, then party politcs of one form or another. Some now even bypass the usual route of council chamber graft and hot air, and simply go to the big house straight after uni. They have nothing in common with any of us. Electing the blue lot rather than the red or yellow lot will not make one iota of difference because they have much more in common with themselves than they do with anyone else in this country.