Its time for the Iraqis to take responsibility

I don't know about anyone else but i think the Iraqis have had more than enough time to instigate and train a police force/army . If they can't do it after 3 years then they'll never do it!

It really annoys me when I hear politicians and liberals saying that we can't leave because iraq will turn into a blood bath - how do they know no-one's tried it yet! - and everything else has failed!!

It seems to me that if they're left to their own devices they will be forced to sort the place out sooner rather than later.

Sorry for the winge! - had to get it off my chest
I think its the way they will sort things out that concerns many people.

The thought of the country potentially returning to the use of death squads etc.... Will cast a long shadow over the graves of the brit soldiers killed out there..... ie they died changing nothing


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Problem is, it's already a bloodbath. As much as I fear that a western exit from Iraq will mean that lives have been lost for nothing, it may lead to one big but quick bloodbath before the new leadership asserts its authority with hobnail boots on, rather than the protracted and pointless bloodbath we are seeing now with the attendant cost in British lives.

Suez was a pointless waste of lives; Korea was, WW1 was, Vietnam was, and I think that maybe Iraq will follow in the tradition of politicians wars that have achieved precisely zero.

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