Its the wrong trainers Gromit!

I've been training for a few months in preparation for rejoing the reserve forces and have been using an old pair of Fila jeans trainers.

The wife recently splashed out on a proper pair of running trainers for my birthday. The certainly reduced ankle and knee strain and even after 9 mile run both were fine, they would have been feeling strained on the old shoes. The problem is the new trainers are causing blisters in all sorts of places, the worst being the strange over-sized sockliner thing causing blisters on the in-step.

Is this likely to be just because they are new, are rubbish trainers (£45 Reebok Premier Road Lite DMX) or should I just through the sock-liner out? I'm tempted to cut the strange extra bit off the liner but may just wreck the the shoe then.

youve answered the question yourself !

blisters are caused by poor fitting.
Invest in the best - but if £45 is all you can afford then thats your best.

Its a fine line between too slack, tight and too tight - and currently you seem to be suffering because you are getting blisters. something is slack and the friction is resulting in blisters
Another thing to consider is the socks that you are wearing. A pair of thin running socks designed to stop blistering would be a good investment. Some of these are double layered (my favourite) some are single. Most trainers have a larger padded sockliner now so that they can sell you the socks also. But they do work.
Next time you get trainers try before you buy. A decent running shop will usually let you go for a short run in them. Then tell the missus the make and model and you heard they were good :wink: .
Good pair of socks.... not always need to be 'running' socks, must give good cushioning........ might save you some blistering while your feet harden up and get used to running again........ :)

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