It's The Way He Told Them



A sad loss indeed, but 85 is a good innings.

I believe that he was the first of the main characters from Tiswas to go. A pity it couldn't have been Lenny Henry instead.


I still have old The Comedians on DVD, and there's plenty of material on Youtube. No, Frank wasn't hip any more. He didn't rubbish the afflicted, go for the jugular, or go for headlines. He just told harmless funny gags. Stories of him doing impromptu routines whenever asked.

One more for the road, Frank: Frank Carson on Clive Anderson Talks Back - YouTube
I guided him from the gate at an Army open day. On spotting a non-white soldier from a Med Regt on stag Frank quipped, "You must be Black Watch..."

At least he didn't resort to calling him a 'Hat'.
Amazing bloke who knew how to entertain without referring to dirty, rude or offensive jokes.

RIP fella, bet you'll have them lot up there howling with laughter

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