It's the Murdoch Show!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sangreal, Jul 19, 2011.

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  1. FFS, can they get an MP who speaks ENglish, not fluid jockinese?
  2. Tom Watson is going to be a Labour poster boy for years after this.

    Nice to see that he got a quick game of angry birds on his iphone straight after he finished his questioning.

    Note to Tom.....WE CAN SEE YOU!
  3. " The first purpose of language is to impart information; entertainingly perhaps, cleverly, wittily, movingly, intelligently but foremostly as clearly and specifically as possible. If you use words to obfuscate, you cheat on the first imperative of a writer. Unintelligible elequence is just pretentious birdsong " [ AA Gill on Will Self - July 1998 ]
  4. I kinda thought that some MP's are making themselves look more like ***** than Murdoch is.
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  5. Really?

    I thought Murdoch's defensive line of 'what is this NotW that you speak of?' was quite weak,but strangely endearing,in a war crimes hearing way.
  6. Yes really, the knob (Sheridan?) who was quizzing Murdoch senior about visiting No10 via the back door was playing party politics. At least he was until Murdoch pointed out he visited Gordon Brown in exactly the same manner.
    There is always one MP who thinks scoring political points is the most important objective and we are already seeing it here.
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  7. I think that all this 'Murdochgate' is now being vastly overplayed. Having said that the hacking into Millie Dowler's mobile and other similar actions are indefensible. The frenzy being whipped up by the rest of the media is obscuring some very important issues.

    Europe is on the verge of financial collapse.
    America is close to financial melt-down.
    Our Armed Forces are having the last nail driven into their coffins.
    The prime minister is absent - again; and not without blemish on his judgement - again.
    Our NHS is an expensive failure in many, many respects.
    Our state run schools are a disgrace and in many cases are simply academies for learning benefit dependency and criminal activity.
    The 'family unit' is broken.
    The infrastructure of the nation from venerable institutions to physical entities such as roads and railways, are at collapsing point.
    Unrestricted immigration from any corner of the globe is completely out of control.
    The unelected and unaccountable commissars of Europe heap upon us daily laws, directives and diktats, whilst eating away at our sovereignty.
    Union leaders have seized the reins of the Opposition through their control of 'Red Ed' Milliband.
    The Established Church is now a sad joke more concerned with 'touchy feely' infantile junk than spreading the Gospels.
    Muslims have their every whim and wish pandered to.
    We are taxed practically to extermination.

    Oh! Pythagoras's metempsychosis were that true, then the aged Lady Thatcher could be rejuvenated and break the stranglehold of Europe and start rebuilding this Blair-Brown Broken Britain that was such a wonderful country.

    PS: You want party politics - tune in to the overweight, pompous oaf Vaz and his circus!
  8. Sorry missed that.
    Went out to make a cuppa after Watson had finished.Saddened,but not surprised.
  9. Getting boring now. Get rid of these two and bring on Brooks, I want to see if she floats.
  10. He made quite a big deal of Murdoch visiting Cameron just after the election, Murdoch let him play it a little then put him down by pointing out that exactly the same kind of Downing Street visits occured (via the back door) with Blair and Brown
    Murdoch is no fool, he isn't being hesitant with his replies, he's just considering his words carefully.
  11. APART from that....What have the Romans ever done for us??
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  12. James Murdoch has a ****ing awful nasal septic type voice....'Aaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaa'

    I want to rip his tongue out and shove it up Rupert's aaaaa aaaaa aaaasshole!!!

  13. Err err err sorry, it's not the Naafi Bar.
  14. What's Elmer Fudd doing infront of a Parliamentary Committee :?

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