It's the end of Arrse as we now it and we feel fine.

It seems to me that Arrse has got a bit flabby.

There's a sense that everything has been covered and there's nothing else to say about anything. It's a doldrum or a mid life crisis and we need a bit of wind to fart us out of it.

Sheds. SLR. Running times. Higgs Bosun. Pikeys. Walts. Vaaastly porkable maidens. Chavs. Septics. Rock Apes. Boathouses. Tropper. Hats. Jarrod's car. Jimbo. Having a Shit (ref Jimbo). 7.62 v 5.56. The inevitable collapse of the Capitalist system due to the current price of Eurobonds, ffs.

Is there anything left for the Arrsegenius to pronounce upon?

(a prediction for spreadbetters: The next reply will be "no")


Book Reviewer
KOTB, any reason why it's been posted twice or just boredom?

No worries, just seen the answer on the other thread.
Never mind, in a couple of years there will be a new breed of troops who live in "the now" and will regard the present Hot War Warriors as a bunch of fannies who never actually did anything.
You'd have to find somewhere else to publicly massage your own ego you civvy. I think the Job Centre has adverts for 'self centred look at me' types so when you sign on again you should apply.
Ace - I'm a civvy.
I think that Princess Productions will be along soon complete with brilliant idea for a TV show that will involve British Troops......
Don't worry chaps, there'll be another war along shortly for us to gab about.
Which war will of course be far more real than any previously encountered...
don't worry, for those of you who want somewhere obnoxious to hang out and insult idiots, the Barry Boys forum is crying out for real men

big difference over there is that you don't need to be a squaddie to join.

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