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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Part_Timer, Dec 4, 2004.

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  1. Looks like I'm off to the sandpit in the new year.

    What kit do I get from RTMC?

    Any things I should be asking Santa for?

    Do I have to go find a surplus shop to buy a second smock?

    Your help appreciated ta.
  2. Don't know what role you'll be doing , but this is what was issued for Telic 5 in Oct for non-infantry types.
    1 x Smock
    1 X Shamagh
    1 X Day Sack (Black)(CRAP)
    1 X Large travel bag (Black )(GOOD)
    4 X Swaet rags
    1 X Green Towel
    1 X Mossie net(must bring)
    1 X Thermal mug
    4 x Brown Tshirts
    4 x Thick socks(good kit)
    1 x set Softee jkt+trs(bloody excellent kit)
    1 x Jungle sleep bag/liner(ok for summer-rock all use now)
    1 x Pr Magnum Desert Boots
    1 x Pr Goggles
    and a few other bits like wpn ancils/helmet cover /new respirator canister
    Pm me and I'll give you ideas what to bring if anything
  3. I guess you've been warned off? I've warned our lass to not get worried about brown envelopes until late Jan (6 months from the last set).

    Maybe I should photo a set and post on here, so other halfs know what a real one looks like and stop PANICING
  4. Thanks for the list
    Infantry, possibly at Shaibah (please no) - Anyone there describe the accommodation?

    Are the desert magnums any good? I got issued some remarkably similar black "hot weather boots" in Kosovo and they were neither waterproof nor any good for my feet when it was hot. Cheeky bast@rds at RTMC said i could keep them but nabbed my pro boots back.

    Good idea
  5. Alright here goes, (my daughter is wondering if I'm mad!)

    Details obscured, notice the crapness of the address..

    Post code (SO21 2RG) on the back
  6. Chest rig /assault vest very useful espically on vechicles .Decent pair of sunglasses try to go for black frames lenses as some snco get a bug in their arse about outlandish oakleys .flip flops for showers
    buy a decent pair if you got large feet because you wont be able to get
    a replacement at the efi .Spare shorts pt kit .Pens ,books ,laptop digitial camera all good things to take dvds more socks t shirts .Black and nasty
    sellotape blu tac paracord all handy to have .porn allways popular
    dont buy leatherman/gerber might get issused a leatherman out there
    and anyway cheaper in the px than here .towels large . Ohh and some stuff to mark your black bag and bergan cos everyone has the same luggage and its a pain trying to find it .The desert magnums seemed popular with everyone who had them .they do tend to split but easy to exchange never seemed to be a problem exchanging kit fortunatly .
    Spare sense of humour and a large bag of morale as only bags of dont give a shit available in thearte .
  7. Ahhh! Memories come flooding back.
    "Her Majesty invites you......"
  8. Narks me a little that every time a Telic comes up, we get a new thread started covering the same issues. Its a pity the News section of this site isn't activated, we could write one (or two) central articles, we could then make suggestions/comments and evolve the article over time.

    I know we've had Telic threads as sticky's before but when a thread gets to 10+ pages its ackward to extract useful info. Some of the threads on ArmyNet are useful but its a ackward forum to navigate. Just a thought but when you get the letter, browsing the net/forums is one of least things you should be doing.
  9. I agree with you.

    Mr Moderator. Can you talk to your Big Cahuna and set up a Telic forum? Ban all politics and current affairs from it but have it for deployment issues, hints and tips, the whole RSA/LSSA?RHSA etc thing. Then punters opening teh mystery brown envelope won't have to trawl through every thread. Or as is usually the case, ask the same questions again. How many threads are there with an 1157 list on? Go on, count up. You know it makes sense. :wink:
  10. Might be able to do this without many changes (as long as I can continue to edit the original post - don't think we could do this on a previous version of ARRSE). Might try and give it a go sometime this week.

    Have been thinking about doing this on my regiments site.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    The only problem is that then we need one for Afghanistan, Bos/Kos etc....

  12. Why is this a problem?
  13. OK. I'm sure there are lots of people more than willing to assist in the 'issue boots vs Meindl dessies - discuss' threads. Perhaps some sort of index, then, to make it easier for people to search the threads rather than going from page to page to get the idea. But then again, perhaps I should wind my neck in and get my coat.

    I'll get my coat.
  14. Not sure, open to any ideas. We're only discussing ways of making information easily accessable for guys going on Telic 6+ (and other ops).