Its teacher silly season again!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jul 19, 2005.

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  1. I don't normally believe the adage "those who can do, and those who can't teach..." but the example below does make for a scratching of the head.

    If teachers are fed up of getting "dissed" then I would have hoped they made the logical leap to decline of discipline=decline of respect and standards. Bring back the teacher from Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall! Otherwise we will be seeing a lot of permanently deferred "deferred success".

  2. Whats wrong with these people, telling the failures all through school that they aren't failures only means they get a massive shock when they leave school.

    These failures leave school and then wonder why they don't get jobs as managing directors on thousands of pounds a week.

    But Blair said education has got better and it obviously has because there aren't any failures anymore....
  3. They're quite right about "happy slapping" and childrens' TV but the failure/deferred success idea is plain stupid
  4. Or as a friend of mine who's a teacher says:

    Those who can't, teach. And those who can't teach, teach Geography.

    For some reason Geography Teachers are the thickies of the teaching world.

  5. Although there are many excellent and dedicated teachers out there, the term "deferred success" must have a sweet smell to many of those marvellous educationalists who acquired their skills in the 60s and 70s and have been scr*wing children up ever since.

    I have little doubt that the news PC term can be applied to many of them.
  6. Ah yes the liberalisation of the educational system; where ensuring the self-esteem of the young ones is higher then their ability to spell their own name.

    The current fashion here in the US is to not use red pens when grading, since red ink has a harmful affect on the esteem of the students since it is percieved as failure. 8O
  7. The teaching proffession need to drop the pc bullshit , smell the coffee, and start admitting that life is actually a bit of a bastard and then kids won't leave school with such a shock!
  8. I have to agree with much written above, despite being trained as a teacher in the late sixties. All the drivel from the Professional Association of Teachers should be taken with a very very large pinch of salt, just like the tiny membership of that ludicrous (IMHO) organisation. They came into existence in 1970, I think, and I never ever worked in a school that had a teacher that belonged to them.

    Anyway, time for a joke that is doing the rounds.....

    Engineering graduate: I have designed a machine that will meet all your needs.

    Physics graduate: I can explain to you exactly how it works and how it will benefit you.

    Arts graduate: Do you want fries with it?
  9. Its pratically Orwellian!

    OK so its a poor example but, FFS the removal of words from the a teachers professional vocabulary so as to prevent the upset of Mong or Idle students. If a student is as thick as to think that a Fail and a "Success deferred" grade arent the same No one if going to mistake a Success for a deferred success! how stupid is that, you can either work or you cant.

    That Builder analogy is bollocks ot start with;
    If you hire a builder to build you a wall and he builds you a pile of rubble of varying height and quality you dont call call him back to build up the last few feet, and ask if there were incidents in his history that might help you understand his poor performance! You call him a ****ing mong, and tell him he shouldnt work in an indstry in which he clearly cant cope with the basics. Equally if someone fails an exam, You dont tell him "thats alright" you send him off to learn the information to do the exam again, Forget whether he feels stupid doing the exam again, He can ****ing well learn the stuff, all the other blokes that passed the exam did so it cant be that hard! If he genuinely cant pass his GCSE's and cant get his mind round the fact he should work hard and resit then he can go and stack shelves or work in a factory like anyone else would do that doesnt find his forte is in academia.

    Whats the point in encouraging them to stick in academia if they cant pass exams solely so as not to offend their ego's.

    PC balls!
  10. Three engineers in a car and it breaks down

    The first guy says I'm a mechanical engineer, I'll look at the engine
    The second guy says I'm an electrical engineer I'll look at the fusebox
    The third guy says I'm a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, let's close all the windows, restart the engine and see if that fixes it. :D
  11. Not wanting to tar all teachers with the same brush, but the majority of teachers I have met, left school, went to Uni and then on to teacher training, then headed back to school having very limited experience of life outside the 'system'. So how the heck can they be expected to prepare students for life in the 'real' world when most, not all, have not lived in it ?.
  12. It is just delaying the foul stench of failure. Eventually, if they make it even to university, they will fail, possibly in their first year's exams - at the latest after the third year - but then with goodness how many thousands of pounds student loan/debt.

    Where is the point in a euphemism like "deferred success" when they can't even write an essay after A-levels without using txt talk. :evil: Seems somewhat delusional to me, this latest insanity.
  13. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    A couple of years ago after a career crisis I looked at teaching as a new direction.

    All the direct entry teachers said, and I paraphrase, "Don't, no, it is so stressful."

    All the ex engineers and business people who entered teaching late on said, and again I apraphrase.

    "Cracking, twenty five grand for a part time job and thirteen weeks holiday"

    When told it was so stressful I asked my kid's teacher if she thought her job was more stressfull than manning a checkpoint with 8 guys under your control as a 19 year old NCO or being responsible for the electrical system on a major defence project.

    Oddly enough she shut up.
  14. The analogy about the wall bothers me:

    If the brickie fcuks up on the first or second layer (s0d's law) and the wall is squint, then the edifice must indeed be knocked down. Likewise, if someone doesn't know basic maths/chemistry/physics/grammar, the later knowledge will be flawed and its back to the start.

    I was an instructor during my time in uniform and the underlying principle was ensuring that the student understood what was taught...not any of this short-cut cr@p.
  15. What a great idea. Let's introduce it to the Army.

    Deferred Success in your WHT. Doesn't matter, we'll give you a gatt anyway.

    Can't run an BFT quickly enough, don't worry, we'll give you a LR

    Don't want to iron your kit. Ask the nice Sergeant-Major, he'll give you a hand.

    Any others?