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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by heard_it_all_before, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. Brown a Co keep bleating on about how all the, CCTV, Email phone and text message intercepts, ID Cards and tracking the movements of all Citizens with the 'eborders' program is meant to protect us, but yet continue to fail to make any inroads into defeating those that these restrictions are meant to be targeted at.

    Great Britain was once a Free and Democratic Country, but not for much longer.

    (Jokes Aside) Trainspotter banned from filming train under anti-terror laws
    Telegraph Comment Linky

    Meanwhile, for the ones that these laws were supposedly designed to defeat, it's business as usual - Not one Terror web sites closed down in the last 4 years.
  2. It's simple-slavish unquestioning adherence to the sacred coward's mantra-
    Tighten the screw on those you can control(but only the easy ones,mind)or run away from/suck up to the ones you can't.Try and find any piece of either domestic or foreign policy which deviates from the above,particularly over the last ten twleve years,although this has been going on for approximately half a century and more from all 'Governments'. :frustrated:
  3. Hence the reason that nearly all councils and police forces leave the Pikeys alone to do as they please
  4. Exactly..
  5. I doubt if these laws are going to catch any terrorists. Terrorists will use covert surveillance equipment (or Google Streets) and you wont know that he's taking pictures/gathering intelligence. On the other hand the guy at the end of the platform with a cagoule, thermos, pack of sarnies and the Eye Spy book of trains should be arrested as he is clearly a threat.
  6. The stasi-facation of Britain continues apace.

    The Labour Party-shown in their true light as anti-freedom,but scared to tackle the real criminals,terrorists and scum in British society.
  7. A job well done, why target criminals when there are easily subdued members of the public to target instead.
  8. And once again the government falls for movie-plot nonsense. They've all seen the one where Evil Genius spends hours with a humungous long lens lovingly taking photos of his target. It goes with the conventions of the fiction, just like Evil Assassin assembling his sniper rifle like meccano from a tiny attache case, caressing the "silencer" like a dildo, then blowing the toupee of el Presidente's head at 1,000 yds.

    Whereas in point of fact there are very few known instances of terrorists taking photographs of their intended targets.

    The politicians are ignorant idiots and we end up having to take our nitroglycerine-flavoured shower gel onto the plane in many small jars instead of one big one, and end up with tanks at Heathrow.
  9. My cousen is a train spotter, and Iv'e always had a sneeky thought that he was a threat to national security. now I know.
  10. Sorry folks but everybody (including the journos) seems to have missed the bigger point here... since when were "Virgin Trains" responsible for the security of our rail network?

    Surely this is the province of the British Transport Police rather than some jumped up jobsworth private company. I thought the stations were looked after by Network Rail anyway and virgin just run the trains... or have I got the wrong end of the stick.

    Is this just simply more the case that photography of the assets & personell (sp) of paranoid national and multinational companies is to be discouraged in case that are caught doing something they shouldnt by the public?
  11. Depends on the Region, some TOCS own the stations, some are run by NR.
  12. You can get all sorts of stuff fairly cheaply, eg buttonhole cameras - seen one of these up close on a BBC reporter, you couldn't spot it even close up.

    Terrorists will use these.
    Investigative journalists will use these.
    Groups like Greenpeace will use these, to film ham-fisted coppers removing cameras from other protesters on demonstrations.

    Even mobile phones can be used surreptitiously....pretend you are texting, turn off the shutter noise, plenty of images of policemen, trains (yawn...)
  13. How do you know you saw one then? ;)
  14. How ironic, we can take photos of trains in communist China and perhaps even Russia, but not here. We've gone mad.
  15. Labour re-creating the communist bloc they so admired in the 1970s and 1980s?.Photography of railways and trains was prohibited in communist countries during that time.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see photography banned at airfields and airports next.

    Slightly off-thread,wasn't Hazel Brears encouraging teenagers to inform on their parents last year?.