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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by yater_spoon, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. VII rifles have yet to be formed but pictures of Sharpe and co are starting to creep in onto our unit advertising as is RGJ terminology. It seems they do not wish to fade away that easily.
    As a result I will now be carrying a picture of Sean Bean in by wallet dressed as the RGJ's (TA) favourite hero, and carry a plastic sword in a scabbard. :D
  2. Really, where's the advert appearing?
  3. Sharpe was in the Rifles so it is a fair association - also if you look at the Rifles web site you will know that certain Rifle terminology has been adopted such as the name Rifleman instead of private and sword for bayonet, which is quite understandable.

    The RRV will become 7th Rifles very soon so why not bite the bullet and embrace the change - a unified battalion is stronger than one that is preoccupied with in fighting and suffering from an identity crisis (look at any Londons post and you will understand).

    I gather that you are from the RGBW - you must feel overwhelmed by the sheer weight of Jackets in your Bn now, but its only for a few months - you'll all be Riflemen soon and there is nothing finer!

    "Whilst in Dublin, I one day saw a corps of the 95th Rifles,

    and fell so in love with their smart, dashing and devil-may-care appearance,

    that nothing would serve me till I was a Rifleman Myself".

    Extracts from 'The Recollection of Rifleman Harris"
  4. Already?

    It's been happening for years!

    (Recoils at the thought of the Queensman CO being made a "Choosen Man", in spite of that phrase meaning something else entirely in the Napoleonic era)
  5. This wasn't meant of a dig I've been through so many amalgamations that they're now second nature. We've been working with A&E coys for a number of years without problems - lets hope F&G are at the same standard!!
    I can assure you that whatever capbadge I get I'm proud to wear.
  6. Nonononono, he was in a book,

    and a TV series,

    he's not real,

    he's a fictional character,

    made up,

    the difference between real life and made up is....

    ....oh never mind.
  7. A RGJ officer many many moons ago gave me a business card in Bosnia, on it was emblazoned the RGJ capbadge and below in italics

    The Chosen Men

    I have just re-read that and realised how gay that sounds, I would like to point out that I decided to end the relationship on return to blighty, who goes on on tour, stays on tour :wink:
  8. good god no.
  9. The Derbyshire Regt? Which became Notts & Derbys (45th/95th)
  10. Is it true that mad nurse who got sent down for injecting patients to
    give him self more work was from e company? I thought the loon was a medic ,but ,someone claims he was with e coy .
    You will be assimilated after a while you wont notice the changes trying
    not to sober up helps . :D.
    As the choice is either become a rifle or hand your kit in .Might as well
    wind your neck in :p .The rrv was a stupid idea a battalion with 3 diffrent cap badges and 2 diffrent styles of drill .Surprising it worked at all .I guess the ta will put up with a lot .Better to be in a battalion with one cap badge
    even if it is a rifle one imho .
  11. At least F and G actually Rifle Corps (A and E Coy are, of course, Redcoats. The only Rifle Corps in the RRV was now departed 9 (Isle of Wight Rifles) Pl).
  12. Le Buzzer - read the post - "95th Rifles"! not the wannabes who came next

    and Bravo Bravo is wrong about F & G - they are both very good companies - something I'm sure you are already finding out.

    as for being Rifles - well some of the antecedents of the 2nd Bn the Wessex Regiment were originally Rifle Corps:

    Hampshire Volunteer Rifle Corps
    Berkshire Rifle Volunteers
    Dorsetshire Rifle Volunteers

    I know there is a Yoeomanry unit somewhere as well. but you can see its more like coming home than being fostered!
  13. Close but, as The-Daddy pointed out, no banana.

    You could successfully argue that the OBLI in it's regular guise had a redcoat background but that is not the whole story. A & E Coys began life as part of the locally-raised rifle volunteers. If you look at contemporary pictures every rifle volunteer unit in the south looked like it came from the 'rifles' stable. It was only when the Oxfordshire Rifle Volunteers became the Oxfordshire Light Infantry in 1887 that they started to look like redcoats...and if you really want to talk pedigrees, at least there was a continuous presence in Oxfordshire; the Isle of Wight and Buckinghamshire had no infantry-roled cap badges (they both went RA for a bit) at points after WW2 whatsoever...lineage broken.

    It's all in that book the RRV put out last year.
  14. "On Operations"? :roll:

    A and E Coys come from Colour carrying redcoated 120 steps per minute stock, while Princess Beatrice's come from green jacket/ black facings 140 steps per minute stock.

    However, if you want to argue pedigree, the IoW Rifles is a three weeks senior to the 2nd Oxfordshire Volunteers (but 4 months younger than 1st (Oxford University) Oxfordshire Volunteers, now OUOTC).

    Seniority of Militia and Volunteers wasn't aligned to the regulars until much later.